Best Windows Phone Casinos

Windows Phone casinos are everywhere and there are many US mobile casinos that can be enjoyed on a Windows Phone. You’ll be provided with a great selection of fully optimized mobile slots and casino games, as well as many good mobile casino bonus deals and a whole lot of extras. You will also find that all Windows Phone casinos will provide you with a fully functional mobile cashier, one that allows you to deposit and cashout your winnings when on the go, and as more and more US mobile slots become available, that great slots selection just keeps on growing. Below you’ll find a selection of the very best Windows Phone mobile casinos available today, and as new ones come along, we’ll be sure to update it.

Windows Phone Casinos

Windows phones are very much in the mix, even though all the consumer ever seems to really hear about are Android and Apple iOS systems. Make no mistake, however - the House that Microsoft Built shows little signs of slowing down anytime soon. The platform and operating system are robust, and can have you downloading and playing the best casino software in the online space. Most importantly, they are all accepting of US players, and allow deposits and withdrawals for real money gamers with few limitations.

So, you are probably asking “how do I find these Windows Phone casinos? The list is considerable, and includes such top industry stalwarts as Lincoln Casino, Liberty Slots Casino, Cafe Casino and Sloto Cash Casino, for starters. All of the top video slots, video poker and specialty games run smoothly on the Windows operating system, so you needn’t worry about being unable to take advantage of a chance to wager.

Alternatively, you can also play these games - and more - for free; there’s never any obligation to gamble at these casinos. Buy visiting a Windows Phone Casino, you will be able to play to your heart’s content and then some. All that’s needed is a wifi connection; the mobile capability allows you to play on th go without being rooted to any single spot. Play while at the airport line, or when standing at the welfare office if you like - it doesn’t matter. Give yourself a chance to change your fortunes without making any undue sacrifices, as long as you remember to gamble responsibly.

Some of the many benefits that you can expect when gaming here are the welcome bonuses and member promotions. Software companies such as Wager Gaming Technology and Rival Gaming are here, as well as Spinomenal and Real Time Gaming - the latter is one of the biggest such outfits of all time. As a result, you know that you’ll run into tremendous slots like The Slotfather and Rook's Revenge. The ability to play these on the Windows system really makes it worthwhile for newcomers and Microsoft loyalists. Move on over, Apple iOS and Android - Windows is here to stay.

How To Find the Top Windows Casinos

What if you’ve been looking wide and far for all manner of Windows Casinos, and have been unable to locate the top ones with the greatest range of options and the best welcome bonuses to entice newcomers to start? Although this was more problematic in the past, in the early days of the Internet, it is still sometimes an issue for casino gamers to find real money apps and websites in their jurisdiction - especially those that support the Windows operating system. You can trust their Customer Support for their elite availability, just in case you have any problems with the software, or you need help from an expert in answering questions. After all, gambling shouldn’t be this difficult - even if you do not want to play with and for real money, the option should be available for players who are of age.

As for the top Windows Phone Casinos you can find in the online space, consider the following, for starters: Ignition Casino. They begin things correctly with a scintillating 500% Welcome Bonus that’s good for deposits up to $5000. As for the kinds of software represented inside, you have your pick of games from tried and true software platforms such as Bovada Gaming, Revolver Gaming, Spinomenal, Real Time Gaming and others. You can sample all of the games inside for free, if you like; but be sure to remember that you cannot win anything. To access the real money option, simply download the software and make a deposit.

You will also find many more of the top Windows Casinos, the deeper you go into this list. There’s the world famous Bovada Casino, which sports a 100% Welcome bonus that is good for deposits of up to $3000, which is loads more than almost any other casino in the online space. Once inside, you’ll be privy to software from gaming giants such as Genesis Gaming and Makitone Gaming - as well as several others. They have a dedicated section for slots, specialty games, video poker and even the multiple varieties of Blackjack. You will not find any shortages in entertainment here, and it is all buttressed by the ability to play for real cash after you download.

Guide To Playing At Online Casinos For Windows Phones

When looking to find an adequate online casino to play the best games on your Windows phone, it can be tough to navigate all the search results. To this end, we have compiled a guide to playing at online casinos for Windows phones, to facilitate your journey. Some of the indelible features possessed by every single option that you’ll find on this list are welcome bonuses, in-house promotions for mobile gamers, the option of free play, and software from the top casino games providers. There’s also a mobile cashier option that ensures you’ll get any money you win - assuming, of course, that you have chosen the real money gaming option. Mobile casinos are rising in popularity, but it’s still rather difficult to find one that caters specifically to Windows phones. This list has got your covered.

Now that you’re inside, what do you do? First of all, make sure you have a stable Wifi connection for seamless gaming without interruption. Mobile data of even the lowest order should be able to handle the streaming. Then, if you want to play for free, hit the Instant Play button on the website and activate the Flash game of your choosing. In no time at all, you can be playing on your Windows phone! Keep in mind that, as exciting as it is to win, you cannot cash out anything in the Instant Play mode.

On the other hand, if you’re in it to win it, then download the casino software to begin playing for real cash opportunities. This opens you up to a world of even more fun, as any luck you happen to chance upon can actually benefit you in the physical realm with a payout. Cash and prizes opportunities abound at Windows phone casinos, so do not hesitate to sign up and play. The benefit of this compilation is also to inform you of the specific Welcome Bonus amounts that are endemic to each casino, so that you can pick the ones you wish to visit first. There are major names such as Real Time Gaming, Bovada Gaming and even the decade’s old Wager Gaming Technology.

The World's Biggest Internet Casino Phone Operator

If you're not interested in playing the average run-of-the-mill online casino that offers games on the Windows operating system, then perhaps you'd like to try a selection of the world's biggest Internet casino phone operators. For starters, pre-much any of the really big software providers offer games for the mobile platform – given the latter's increasing popularity in the modern-day gaming space. Although the most popular Windows phone operators are the Android and the Apple iOS systems; Microsoft's Windows is still going quite strongly in third place. This means that there are millions of people who use Windows phones, and thus require services tailored specifically to this unique mobile gaming platform.

With all that said, let us now take a look at some of the world's biggest Internet casino phone operators. Starting things off judiciously is Lincoln Casino; with a monstrous Welcome Bonus of 100% on deposits totaling up to $5000, the amazing Wager Gaming Technology software they use is fully compatible with the Windows operating system on your mobile device. You will find five reel video slots, three reel video slots, specialty games, multiple incarnations of blackjack, video poker and many more options for your Windows device. Once you download, you can even use the money from this welcome bonus to see how far it takes you in the luck departments. Of course, the option to play for free on your Windows phone is also front and center on the landing page.

Another one of the world's biggest Internet casino phone operators are Liberty Slots and the Ignition Casino. They both have 100% Welcome Bonuses; Liberty Slots is good for up to $777 on all three of your initial deposits, whereas the welcome bonus offered by Ignition Casino is good for up to $1000. There software providers run the gamut of prestigious casino games maker's: there's A Wager Gaming Technology, this Genesis Gaming, this Real Time Gaming, there's Rival Gaming, and there's Revolver Gaming. Sign-up to see more of what they have to offer.

Finally, insofar as this introductory short article is concerned, you can also find excellent Windows Games at Drake Casino. They have simply one of the best Welcome Bonus is around with 300% good for up to a $6000 deposit on your first three tries. You can also tap into their 540 free spins offer, which facilitates entry into casino games software from Arrows Edge and Betsoft. You never have to feel like the odd man out again just because you have a Windows phone.

Place Bets Anytime, Anywhere

The following is not for those albeit valued Instant Play people; the Windows Phone Casinos to come are all about the true gamblers - which is why they offer such good Welcome Bonuses to start. For example, Casino Max is one such gaming spot that encourages the placing of bets for mobile users - particularly those with a Windows phone. Navigate to the website on your device and place bets anytime, anywhere; as long as gambling is legally allowed in your jurisdiction, and you, yourself, are of age. You will find that the RTG software that underscores all of their games runs smoothly and fairly. Take advantage of the 300% Welcome Bonus on deposits totaling up to $3000 to really kick things into high gear.

You can also play bets anytime, anywhere at the elite Slots.LV Casino, which is quite obviously styled after the ritziest Las Vegas gaming halls.They really stretch out the Welcome Bonus here, with up to 9 initial deposits being eligible for a gratuity from the casino House. More specifically, the Welcome Bonus is good for 100%-200% on a total of $5000. Expect some truly immersive gameplay with Bovada Gaming Classic Slots, Rival Gaming 5 Reel Slots, Genesis Gaming’s entire suite of specialty games and Revolver, Makitone and Real Time Gaming. Slots.LV is literally a one-stop shop for gaming aficionados from all over the world in spots where the eponymous activity is legislatively viable.

The bright lights of Uptown Aces Casino is also well-represented here, and they offer a 100% and 250% Match Bonus on deposits flirting with truly lofty numbers - try a whopping $8888! Remember, the number 8 is quite lucky in Chinese lore, so perhaps their spate of Orient-influenced slots is the reason for this unique numerical total. Regardless, Uptown Aces allows real money players to place bets anytime, anywhere to your heart’s delight. This attribute doesn’t apply if you’re playing just for fun; but if you are a real money gamer, just download the casino software, make a deposit and receive your Welcome Cash prize. There’s loads of fun to be had gaming at the above casinos and many more that accept Windows as a gaming platform on your mobile device.

What to Look For in Great Windows Casinos

What, exactly, encompasses a great Windows Casino? After all, the online casino gaming space has plenty to offer; with so many choices, however, you need to whittle down the options to a select few. Let’s take the example of Casino Max, for instance. With a generous welcome bonus of 300% that’s good for deposits totaling up to $3000, it proudly presents an example of a primary attribute of a good casino. As a real money player, you want as many chances as possible to get your hands on some take home cash. What better way to do this than to start out playing with House cash? Although the free play option is also there, most casinos have this these days so look carefully for a competitive welcome bonus offer, instead.

The next attractive attribute of a great Windows Casino is the software that they have in house. Online gaming is simply one of the most competitive industries around right now, because of the explosion of mobile devices and their improved capabilities. As such, you can find some truly top-notch software providers such as Real Time Gaming, Genesis Gaming, Makitone Gaming, Bovada Gaming, old favorites like Rival Gaming and Spinomenal. There are even giants such as Betsoft, Revolver Gaming and Arrow’s Edge in some of the casino options. All of these have gaming software that functions on Android, iOS and your Windows phone. As for the hosting casinos, themselves, the different offers make them a who’s-who’s of gaming spots for you to check out. Drake Casino, Sloto Cash, Cafe Casino and Ignition are just a handful of the ones that offer great gaming terms and offers for the Windows platform.

Lastly for this short entry, you should look for a healthy variety of games in a great Windows casino. For example, do they have Classic Slots? These are characterized by 3 reels and a single paylin; their no-frills appearance appeals to many old-school gamblers because it allows you to focus on winning cash and prizes. You can often bet a number of coins on the single payline for an increased chance of winning big. Additionally, you’ll want casinos that offer 5 reel video slots for a dashing good time on the vibrant reels. They can average anywhere from 20 paylines, to 30, 35 and even 50! The 7 reel slot is rare but quite an experience at the casinos that have them for the Windows phone. Rounding out the above, you should always play at an online casino that has a healthy selection of table games from which to choose.

Windows Phone Casino FAQ

Windows Phone Casino FAQs are listed in a dedicated section of each one of the eligible online gaming casinos. It won’t take you long to get the answers you need this way, and in case anything isn’t listed, then you can contact the Customer Service directly for each one of the listed casinos. For example, let’s take Roaring21 Casino, which is a new option in the spate of preexisting games at Mobile Millionaire Casinos. Not only do every single one of the games here work with your Windows phone, they offer a scintillating $10,000 Welcome Bonus Match (which just means that the percentage is applicable to deposit amounts totaling up to $10,000). If you need to learn more about the precise details of such a gargantuan welcome bonus, check out the Windows Phone FAQ section that’s prominently displayed among the Menu items.

Next up, we have Sloto Cash and their Windows Phone Casino FAQ. The most important piece of information here is to make sure your phone is updated to the version of Windows that can support all of the casino games here; you can find what version you are currently using in the root folder that’s on every single phone under ‘Settings’. Additionally, you can find a multitude of different tidbits of information on how to make a deposit, as well as other important pieces of financial information. There are technical FAQs on using your Windows Phone for best results, as well as user account information on how to access your private inbox on a Windows-enabled mobile device. The above just barely scratches the surface; sign up and become a member and start truly unlocking the capabilities of a Windows Phone at accepting casinos.

Another online casino with a well-known slots and table games section is Ignition Casino. This one, in particular, apprises you of the answers to dozens of the most frequently asked questions regarding Windows phones and their compatibility with video slots and specialty games. Crowd favorites such as Three Wishes Slots, American Blackjack and Mr Vegas Slots are front and center for the gaming fanatic. You can learn more just by using one of four different ways to contact Ignition Casino Customer Service.

Is it Safe to Play Casino Games on My Windows Phone?

Sometimes, the online space gets a bad rap because of the possibility of viruses and compromised account information; the truth is, all of these issues are overblown and largely inapplicable. Any of the medium-sized to large casinos enjoy high level encryption, making them as safe to play as the financial institutions that are involved in transactions between your bank and your casino account. All information is encrypted in transit, and you never need to worry about suspicious account activity - jut drop customer service a line if there are any charges with which you are unfamiliar.

By extension, the above news means that it is very, very safe to play casino games on your Windows phone. As an example, let’s look at one of the top Windows phone casinos in Bovada Casino. You can either get it here, or head to the official Microsoft download store and find it - there’s a Live Bet Tracker for the mobile sports betting games, a multitude of dedicated categories for casino pokeys and the most recent ongoing promotions. Not only are there Welcome Bonuses to get you off to a good start, but there are also no deposit bonuses for the careful and considerate gamer; you may want to start off conservatively before diving in and playing the full scope of all this gaming spot has to offer.

When it comes to elite level encryption that makes it safe to play casino games on a Windows mobile phone or tablet, Slots.LV, Casino MAX, Drake Casino, Ignition Casino, Bovada Casino and Cafe Casino have all got it squared away. They do not want their loyal customers, nor any newcomers, worrying about the safety of any transactions while gaming at their online properties. With all the financial transactions that are going on between the user and the hosts, you have got to expect safety to be paramount - in fact, it is inculcated into the business model, itself. But don’t take our word for it - conduct a web search and notice the lack of complaints! Your money and bank details are safe at these casinos, whether you are using a Windows phone, and Android device or an Apple iOS tablet.

Windows Phone Casino Bonuses

Here, we will introduce you to the Windows phone casino bonuses that serve to entice the online gamer into giving them a spin for real money. Unless you see a no deposit bonus anywhere, then you are compelled to download the casino software and make a deposit in order to access the following. With this in mind, the first option up to bat comes to you from Lincoln Casino: Enjoy a $5000 bonus by way of welcome when you use your Windows phone to download the Lincoln Casino software; you can spread out this awesome sum over 5 separate starting deposits, if you wish. Once inside the lobby with your new stash of House cash, you can then create an account to which you’ll receive Lincoln Reward opportunities every week.

Liberty Slots Casino is similarly generous when it comes to Windows phone casino bonuses. To whet your appetite in the beginning, they offer you a $777 bonus spread out over the first three deposits. You have to first download the casino software, however, and then create an account to which to receive your gifts. Liberty Slots Casino has an interesting and unique mantra, in that the more you play, the more free stuff you get. Join the Rewards Club to take advantage of the tiered platform that keeps on giving.

Next up we have Sloto Cash Casino, which has a startlingly lofty Windows phone casino bonus that reaches $7777! It all depends on how much you’re comfortable depositing, since they allow between 100%-20% as a match bonus on your first 5 deposits - to clarify the previously listed number, this means the House will match all of your deposits up to and including the $7,777 figure. Dive into this one for even more bonuses once you are a member. An extension of this fantastic offer comes to you from Cafe Casino; your Windows phone can continue racking up perks every single time you play one of their video slots or table games. To really ratchet up the offer, join Tournament play. Finally, Ignition Casino brings up the rear with a fantastic 100% Windows phone casino bonuses that works for all deposits totaling up to $1000.

Windows Phone Casino Bitcoin Deposits

Windows phone casino Bitcoin deposits are a relatively new thing in this day and age; but since cryptocurrency is the future, it makes sense that the online casino gaming space has jumped on the bandwagon. If, for example, you download casino software and make a deposit using Bitcoin, you can receive bonuses that players using traditional forms of payment cannot receive. There are some casinos that even give your payout in Bitcoin if you prefer. Information is being updated at regular intervals, but for the time being, here’s the rundown:

At Ignition Casino, all users of Bitcoin are privy to free withdrawals in this currency, and the ability to get your money even faster than the other methods that involve web wallets and traditional forms of payment to your bank account. The level of security in Bitcoin is paramount, and has garnered the public trust more than even the US petro dollar. The decentralized nature of the coin makes it very attractive for online casinos to use them, since governments have limited access and jurisdiction over them to charge undue fees for transfers. It’s about giving the consumer full rights and powers over their hard-earned cash.

One of the reasons why Casino Max is a prefered gaming spot for players from all over the world is the very fast withdrawal times when using Bitcoin. Your Windows phone can render all of the games in their lobby, and if you use Bitcoin, you receive an additional bonus that’s different from the Welcome Bonus you get just for signing up. The current promotion offers up to $9,000 on your initial three deposits when you become a valued member. Furthermore, since Casino Max hosts all of their games on the RTG (Real Time Gaming) platform, US players are guaranteed to be able to finally play videos slots and table games legally. Check your particular state, nonetheless.

Drake Casino has been around for a long time, and it has built a reputation for adaptability. In fact, it is definitely one of the gaming spots that allows Windows phone Bitcoin deposits; in fact, you are allowed to make one withdrawal per week in Bitcoin - completely for free! It’s a great way to plan ahead to take your casino winnings without paying a dime in fees. Download the casino software for unbridled access.

Top USA Windows Phone Casinos

The Windows phone operating system is distinctly different from the interface of Android and iOS; this is part of the reason why it took a few years for Windows to catch up to those two in terms of the sheer availability of apps and games. Today, however, it is fully caught up and offers you a wide range of options in terms of online casino games. This goes for video slots, video poker, specialty games and more. In fact, you can find a selection of the top USA Windows phone casinos right here at Mobile Millionaire, in the Casino Details section.

What are some of the attributes that launch these online casinos into the stratosphere when it comes to elite gaming? Well, let us begin things off with analyzing Cafe Casino. This coffee-inspired theme has a Welcome Offer that will send the newcomer into a frenzy: 500% match bonus that’s good for deposits up to $5000. And you’re in good hands with the software libraries that are in-house, too: Real Time Gaming, Spinomenal, Revolver Gaming, Bovada and Rival. You cannot go wrong with these using your Windows phone, as the software supports this operating system.

A couple of other great choices that you should find time to visit are Lincoln Casino and Liberty Casino. We’ve been writing about these for as far back as we can remember, which tells you that they have a lot of clout in the online casino gaming space. With Lincoln, you are privy to a Welcome Bonus of 100% for deposits of up to $5000 - these deposits can be spread out over 5 separate ones, so you needn’t put it all in at once in order to be eligible. With Liberty Slots, the Welcome Bonus is 100% for deposits totaling a unique $777, and can be spread out over 3 separate ones. Both Lincoln and Liberty use Wager Gaming Technology to provide their software to the public.

Finally for this section of reviewing the Top USA Windows Phone Casinos, we’ve got Drake Casino and Ignition Casino all lined up and ready to go for you.Drake Casino plies you with gifts starting off with the 100% Welcome Bonus that’s good for deposits topping $6000 - one of the highest we’ve ever seen from any online casino. You can have this total spread out over 3 max deposits, separately. Alternatively, if you like risk, you can exchange the Welcome Bonus cash in favor of an incredible 540 Free Spins on the video slots of your choice. As for Ignition, they’ve also got a Welcome Bonus for you, to the tune of 100% for deposits of up to $1000. Once inside, you’ll have access to top slots from makers such as Makitone Gaming, Genesis Gaming, Bovada Gaming and several more.

Windows Phone Casino Apps

Windows phone casino apps generally all fall within the categories of Video Slots (3 reels, 5 reels or even 7 reels), Specialty Games (think Keno, Craps, Dice and Bingo), Video Poker, and Table Games (Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, etc). Given the range of slots available, it is helpful to know which ones are the most popular, so that you won’t be confused about where to start and how to choose. With that said, look at the following awesome slots available as Windows phone casino apps wherever you can get an Internet connection, and in whatever jurisdiction gambling is allowed.

At Sloto Cash Casino, one of the most popular Windows phone casino apps is the humongous 5 reel, 50 payline Christmas-themed Real Time Gaming video slot. If you are inclined towards real money play, then you can bet as little as 50 cents per line, or as much as an incredible $250 per game. The 50 active paylines cannot be varied, so you have the greatest opportunity to win possible. Adjust the coin sizes though so you do not spend more than you’re willing to lose. The theme of the slot revolves around a Naughty Girl and a Nice Girl; both of who are special bonus characters. They can trigger the games progressive jackpot for some really huge wins.

Another one of the Windows phone casino apps that is being played with reckless abandon these days is from Drake Casino. With an awesome new and improved landing page, this revamped industry stalwart is still running smoothly along. Dragon’s Cave Slot is courtesy of Arrow’s Edge software provider, and it has some truly spectacular 3D vistas to convey the reality of a fire-breathing dragon in the game. Sporting 5 reels and 9 paylines, the game’s also got expanding wild symbols, stacked wilds and paying scatters. You cannot go wrong adding this to your bookmarked list of favorite real money slots.

The final one we’ll take a look at in this section is Slots.LV. In their robust video slots gaming section, they’ve got the timeless A Night With Cleo Slots (Cleopatra; not the American psychic woman), as well as the mighty Rise of Poseidon Slots. The former is a 5 rel, 20 payline progressive that puts you in a room with Queen Cleopatra of Rome. There are free spins galore, as well as many other goodies once you download and make a deposit to play. As for Rise of Poseidon Slots, this one’s got 5 reels and 30 paylines, with a rare expanding wild that drops a 2x multiplier right into your coffers. For real money players, Rise of Poseidon Slots can be a big boon; there are a full 10 coins allowed per line!

New Windows Phones Casinos

New Windows phones casinos are one of a kind, in that they allow you to use the unique Windows interface with your favorite casino games. Gone are the days when only Apple and Google/Samsung had sway over video slots and table games; these days, casinos have to contend with the crisp interface of Microsoft Windows as a viable challenge to the former dominance of Android and iOS. In fact, there have been a handful of new casinos jumping on the bandwagon and offering elite Welcome Bonuses for old and new players alike. Cafe Casino, for example, is one of the new Windows phones casinos that entices you with a 500% Welcome Bonus. You can make a qualified deposit with any of their multitude of banking options, and thereafter head straight to the casino lobby for access to games by top software providers such as RTG (Real Time Gaming), Spinomenal and Rival Gaming.

Another addition to the new Windows phones casinos is Ignition; with a robust suite of top-notch video slots, tournament play and table games, you will not want for things to do once you get here.Although the Windows gaming platform is highlighted, you can actually play any of the supported ones such as Android and iOS from Apple. At Ignition Casino, you’ll find casino software pioneers like Revolver Gaming, Genesis Gaming and Makitone Gaming, There are more, but these should get you off to a nice start. Don’t forget, if you’re a real money player, to pick up the 100% up to $1,000 Welcome deposit bonus while you’re at it.

As if the above two weren’t good enough, you’ve also got more options when it comes to Windows phone casinos. Bovada Mobile Casino is a breath of fresh air with the brand new interface on mobile, as well as their new landing page. Everything is well-ordered and easily accessible, with the Blackjack games and Baccarat next to the featured slots. You can play them all on your Windows phone without any restrictions. Choose Instant Play, or exchange free mode for paid play by downloading the casino software to sign up. You will receive a qualified House bonus with your deposit and be able to play to your heart’s content.

The final Windows phone mobile casinos that are available at the present moment are Slots.LV, Red Stag Mobile casino, Miami Club Casino mobile and Raging Bull Casino. To learn more about them, simply visit the Mobile Millionaires landing page on your mobile device and hit the “Play Now” green button next to every casino on the list.

New Windows Phones Slots

Windows has landed as a casino gaming platform! Now that it’s here, you can have fun with some of your favorite video slots that you may have seen when using other mobile operating systems. Here, we’ll check out a new slot from each of the Windows phone casinos listed; to play them for a chance at real money, simply download the casino software. If, instead, you want to play for free, just use the Instant Play button on the landing page from your mobile device or desktop computer.

  • Cafe Casino has one of the better video slots that you’ll find in the online casino gaming space with Mystic Wolf, which has 5 reels and plenty of paylines to afford the real money gamer a lot of chances to win. If you know anything about the original Americans, the Natives respected the wolf very much - in fact, he was tied into their mythologies and culture for the centuries spanning the 14th through 16th, primarily. Much of that mysticism has made it to the present day, which is part of the reason why the video slot is such a big hit. Download and play today for your chance at one of the top Windows phone slots at Cafe Casino.
  • Lincoln Casino is yet another of the top Windows phone video slots providers in the online casino gaming space, and they have certified this position with Goblin's Gold Slots, which is a Classic with 3 reels and a single payline. Of great interest is the so-called treasure hunt bonus game inside, as well as the presence of two wild symbols that have a lot of potential to perhaps make your dreams come true as far as finances are concerned, anyway. Always remember, you can also play this slot without any financial investment at all using the Instant Play option.
  • Liberty Slots Casino is also in the mix with their fantastic, Windows phone-enabled Agent Cash Slots, which is an awesome spy adventure-type that will really draw you into the theme. With 5 reels and 30 paylines, this is a pretty good sized slot that is classified as expansive. It’s possible to bet an amazing $300 per game if you’ve got the pockets for it; as you can see, this is definitely one of those serious real money ventures. Agent Cash Slots is so serious, in fact, that five of a kind of the top symbol in the game will unleash a $100,000 prize right into your bank account! As for the magic symbol, here’s a hint: it’s the enviable Aston Martin sports supercar.
  • Sloto Cash has the enigmatic Football Frenzy video slot, which has a gargantuan 7 reels and 50 paylines. It’s rare that you see such a gigantic game, after all, and so when you do - it’s time to take advantage of what it has to offer. When you see the word “football”, think of the American game instead of the true worldwide alternative. Meet on the gridiron and grind your heels, ready for the next play. The wild symbols are the cheerleaders and the scatter is the quarterback. The Touchdown feature holds a lot of potential for the real money player, although you can have a lot of fun with it even in the free to play mode that does not require a download. Football Frenzy is a Windows friendly slot that is playing right now at Slotocash Casino.
  • Ignition Casino has Genie’s Gifts Slots, which is an imprint of Revolver Gaming and has 3 reels and 9 paylines, making it a small sized video slot and not a Classic. Despite its compactness, Genie’s Gift Slots has free spins, wild symbols and scatter symbols interspersed throughout the game for the real money gamer to take advantage of. The prize for 3 scatter symbols on the reels is an impressive shot at opening multiple treasure chests filled with gold and precious gems. In fact, the Genie’s Gift bonus round appears after a certain multitude of icons line up preferentially. This is one of the more unique slots out there, and you can play it most assuredly at Ignition Casino so head there and activate the mode you wish to play.
  • Drake Casino has the anachronistic Time Bender Slots that’s available for your Windows phone today. Of course, you can also play it on Android and Apple iOS. You can span galaxies on this digital platform, picking up cool new items and enjoying top graphics in a 5 reel, progressive game that hosts a big jackpot. The Rings of Time bonus feature is yet another beneficial attribute, and Arrow’s Edge really shines as a software maker with this one. With 5 reels and 40 paylines, the size alone makes it enticing enough to try it on for size. The double jackpot is another reason; they are called the Super Slots jackpot and the Cash Grab jackpot and they can garner sums of $3000 or more, depending on the coin denomination you chose as well as the number of paylines you played at the start. Rounding out the attributes of Time Bender Slots, we have the Nudge Feature and the Highlight Feature for your personal enjoyment.
  • Bovada Casino has Gold Rush Gus Slots in its extensive library of casino games. With 5 reels and 10 paylines, this progressive slot allows bets of up to $100 and rewards the right number of scatter symbols with 15 free games at the most. There’s a quadruple muplier built into the game if the symbols line up the right way. The icons include a shovel, pickaxe, keys, bottle and precious gems of various colors. This one is from Bovada Gaming, and has several in-game prize features. One of them is the Treasure Chest feature that can unlock a load of goodies, and another is the Treasure Map Bonus game. The Lava Reels Respin is one of the more fun ones, and it has the potential to really reward the real money gamer. The mini jackpot and the regular jackpot as available in addition to the other opportunities; not in spite of. Download Gold Rush Gus Slots tonight to play a bonafide pokey.
  • Casino Max has over 150 games from the RTG suite; but out of all of these, one of the ones that you will want to try your hand at the most is Shark School Slots. Visit the deadly depths of the blue sea - except with the ultimate safety of your own living room or from your mobile device. There’s no actual danger here - but there could be quite a bit of riches for the adventurous real money player; all that’s required to play for a chance at cash and prizes is to download the casino software and make a deposit. With 5 reels and 50 paylines, it is certainly a big slot and there are a lot of things going on inside. The wild symbol is an anthropomorphic Octopus masquerading as a school teacher. She can replace any other symbol except for the scatter. To learn more about this Windows phone slot, download and play at Casino Max.