DomGame Casino

DomGame casino is a newer online casino that's designed to cater to slot players specifically. If you're searching for a casino with a good mixture of features as well as quality games to play, this option isn't too bad at all. We were initially impressed by the promotional offers available at the casino as well as the VIP program, and that's why we did the full review of the site. Below are the results of our careful research.

Built on Realtime Gaming Software

The casino features high-quality games from Realtime Gaming. There are hundreds of different games to choose from and many offer fun features and beautiful graphics to enjoy. Each game has a different theme and it's all these different themes brought together that makes the Realtime Gaming library so enjoyable.

A Cluttered Lobby

When viewing the full-sized casino lobby for DomGame the site is cluttered and a bit overwhelming to look at. Most of the features are in plain sight, but it can take a few minutes to look through the different options and figure out where the different features are located. The features are easy to find, but new players will need time to process the layout of the site and to get comfortable with it. The DomGame site is one of the rare instances where the lobby looks much nicer on smaller screens because it uses a cleaner menu system overall.

Becoming a New Member

Becoming a member of the casino only takes a few minutes for most gamblers. Joining is as simple as filling out a few short forms. Once you've gone through those steps you'll be ready to start playing the slot game and enjoying all the features that it has to offer you. It's important to note that you need to be a registered member of the casino in order to play different games, even for free.

Accepted Countries

Although players from most countries are approved to play at DomGame casino there are some exclusions to be aware of. Canadian gamblers aren't granted access to the site. Many countries throughout Europe are also limited in what access they have to the casino. The same is true about India and the Russian Federation. Players from the USA, New Zealand and Australia as well as most other countries are allowed to play here though.

A Slot Focused Casino

DomGame casino is focused mostly on slot games and there are more than 100 different slot games to choose from as a gambler on the site. If you want to try something other than a slot, there are table games, video poker options and specialty games to choose from. The selection on these alternative game types is limited though, so gamblers that don't enjoy slots likely will want to look for a different casino to play at.

Colorful Slot Games

Each of the slot games offered at DomGame is bright and colorful and rich with features. They are offered in many different themes, but each one is exciting in its own way and worth testing out. If you're looking for a good mixture of different slot games to play around with DomGame offers an excellent blend no matter what sort of theme you are most interested in. Take the time to get to know the different games and you'll be amazed at all the variety there is available.

Test Play the Game Library

The good news is that the casino offers its full gaming library for gamblers to try out free of charge. It's possible to get on the site and start playing all the different games without spending any money at all. The bad news is that you must go through the registration process in order to play, even if you're playing for free. That means you must visit the casino website, register for a free account and go through the steps to start playing online. It takes time to do these steps, but registering to play online is simpler than you might realize.

Getting Started Real Money Gambling is Simple

If you want to play at the casino for real money it's surprisingly simple to do. You just have to go through the process to register for a membership with the casino. Sign up for your own account, verify that account and then take the time to sign onto your account and you're nearly ready to play for real money. Finish by making a real money deposit into your account and you can start playing games for money as soon as that deposit clears. It's as easy as that.

Experience the Latest Slot Features

DomGame casino offers brand-new slot games that showcase some of the latest features and special bonuses. Gamblers can take advantage of these powerful features to help them win more, unlock additional prize payouts and to be entertained more than ever. New slot games are released regularly, keeping things interesting for long-time gamblers playing on the site.

Onetime and Ongoing Promotions Both

As a gambler at DomGame, there are one-time promotional offers like the powerful welcome bonus, as well as ongoing offers to take advantage of. It's your job to keep up to date with the different offers that are available so that you can make use of an offer each tie you play at the casino if possible. The welcome bonus offers a 300% deposit match for new gamblers that are just getting started. There are ongoing game-specific promotional offers that give deposit matches for gamblers to use on certain games. The casino also offers monthly promotions they can unlock for additional free funds.

Weekly Slots Tournaments

DomGames offers weekly slot tournaments members can join to go against one another. Serious players can take on more difficult challenges by entering these tournaments and pushing themselves. If you're interested in pushing your gameplay to a higher level these tournaments can help you do just that. Sign up for one and you can go up against other gamblers in games that you know and love.

Triggering Big and Small Casino Payouts

There is a lot of money to be won by playing at DomGame casino, but the amounts players can win depends on the games they choose to play. Some players will go for safer table games or more relaxed slot games for more reliable prize payouts. Others will go for the high volatility slot games for the largest potential prizes. Either way, there is a lot of ways to win while playing at DomGame, making the casino an excellent option for interested gamblers.

The DomGame VIP Club

Players that take the time to become long-term players at DomGame casino can take full advantage of the site's powerful VIP club. This special club allows gamblers to earn points, climb up to higher ranks and unlock increasingly valuable rewards and perks. Players interested in making the most of their time at the casino can tap into the power of this VIP program for the biggest perks over time.

Fully Mobile Compatible

The casino is completely mobile compatible, which means that you can play your favorite games on your smartphone or tablet wherever you are. if you're interested in gambling while on the go you will love the excellent mobile support you enjoy from the casino. While testing the casino new players should try the games out on their mobile phone or tablet to get a feel for the mobile experience as well when getting to know DomGame casino.

An Instant Play Platform

The whole site is designed to be an instant play platform, which means that the games work without any sort of download. If you are interested in testing out the different features of the casino you can test them all out right from your web browser. It makes no difference if you play on a computer or a mobile device, the casino works the same on both.

Registration is Necessary to Play

Whether you want to try the games for free in Demo mode, or you want to test them out using real money you will have to register for an account to play. Going through this process takes a bit of time, but it's pretty easy to complete. You can become a member of the casino in just minutes. Once you're a member of the site you can enjoy all the different games available and get familiar with all the features offered as well.

Part of the Comprehensive Aff Alliance Program

DomGame casino is part of the Aff Alliance affiliate program along with a variety of other online betting sites. This affiliate network offers CPA and revenue share payment plans for any players brought in to the casinos. There are also hybrid deal opportunities for the affiliates that are interested in that sort of thing. Serious marketers can unlock some major opportunities with this program and earn up to a 45% revenue share or up to $250 in CPA payouts per new player brought in to the casino.

No Sports Betting Support

There's no support for sports wagering on the DomGame casino platform. That means that gamblers are only able to place wagers on different casino games when they play on the site. The casino doesn't have a bookie license and gamblers looking to place sports bets will have to go to a different resource instead. This is an issue for some gamblers, but many casino members won't be concerned about this.

There is No Blog or Forum Support

Gamblers at DomGame casino won't have a blog or forum to rely on in order to look up information about the casino. This is unfortunate because it means they will have less information about the casino available. Information can still be found on the home page or the promotions page of the site though. Players looking for a community to talk with can join external forums to enjoy community without going through DomGame casino specifically.

No Live Dealer Games

There are no live dealer games at DomGame casino. Players that are looking for a table game experience will have to stick with the arcade-style games instead. These games are simpler to the player and usually faster paced than the live dealer games are, but they aren't quite as immersive. Some players really care about this while others aren't interested in live dealer games at all.

Banking at DomGame Casino

Banking is one of the most important tasks at DomGame casino. Understanding how to bank efficiently is vital in order to make deposits and to take out winnings. Most new players use Visa or MasterCard credit cards to complete their deposits into the site. Some others rely on Bitcoin, or an eWallet option like Neteller or Skrill. Between these different options it's simple getting money into the site. Neteller, Skrill, and Bitcoin can also be used to take money out of the casino along with bank transfers. It's important to note that withdrawals may take several days to complete and they require a minimum balance of $100 in order to pull money out.

Banking with Bitcoin

There aren't any special incentives or anything to use Bitcoin, but the payment method is fully supported by the online casino and works well for deposits and withdrawals from the casino. Bitcoin is simple to use, it's fast for both types of transactions and it's a powerful tool for moving money around where you want it.

Simple Customer Support Options

Players looking for help can talk with customer support through several simple methods at DomGame casino. There's email for the gamblers that aren't in a hurry for answers and looking for convenient help. For the players that want help fast there is live chat support as well as a direct phone line to customer support. Between those two help tools it's possible to get answers to common questions within minutes and to get the support that's needed.

DomGame casino is a decent online resources with a nice mix of RealTime Gaming slots and table games. With more than 100 different games to choose from there is always something for gamblers to play around with. The site isn't perfect though. It lacks variety compared to some other online platforms and it doesn't offer live dealer games either. Other than those small downsides DomGame is a solid casino for gamblers to play at.