Malibu Club Casino

Malibu Club casino has been around for nearly a decade and the online site offers a nice blend of slot games, table games, video poker and jackpot games to choose from. It’s designed with simplicity and quality in mind and gives players both of those things when they sign in and start wagering. Below we look closer at the different features offered on the site and what gamblers can expect from playing there. Keep reading to learn more.

Built on Proven Software

The whole casino is built on top of software made by Rival Gaming, a well-known and respected software provider for different casino games. The online casino offers dozens of games to choose from in a wide range of different looks and functions as well. Players interested in testing out a random casino game will be happy with all the diverse options offered by Rival Gaming at Malibu Club casino.

A Simple Casino Lobby

Malibu Club is basic in design so it’s easy to find all the important features as a new player on the site. The game categories are listed along the side while the games are down the page and the different features of the site are up along the top of the casino website.

European and Canadian Players Not Readily Accepted

Gamblers from around the world will have to look into country exclusions when deciding whether or not they are able to play on the casino site. Canadian players and much of Europe are excluded from using the site while some sections of Asia will also have to deal with some exclusion issues as well.

An Impressive Game Library

Mostly slots are offered at Malibu Club casino, but there are a few table games to choose from as well. Players can easily sort through I-slots, video slots, classic slots, table games, video poker games, jackpot slots and more using the Game Categories menu selection items. The menu options are simple to pick through and they make it easier than ever to find a specific type of game they’re interested in.

A Decent Library of Slots

While there aren’t hundreds of different slot games to play, there is a decent amount to choose from when playing at the casino, all of them from Rival Powered. With more than 100 different slots to choose from there is a little bit of everything for the interested gamblers. That means that new players have plenty of options to look through and long-term gamblers can pick and choose different games when they are looking for a new challenge.

Free Testing is Simple

Registration is required to test out the different games offered by the casino, but registration is simple and quick to go through. Gamblers interested in getting to know what the site has to offer can quickly register and go through that whole process without spending any money at all. Once registered, they can play the different games in Demo mode to learn how they run. Then they can decide which games they like and which ones they would rather skip over.

Start Playing for Real Money the Same Day

It’s possible to start wagering for real money on the same day that a player joins Malibu Club casino as long as they choose the right deposit method to go with. Gamblers can literally register for a new account, go through a rapid deposit process and start wagering for real money all within an hour or two of joining the site. That’s convenient and it makes the casino more enjoyable to play at as well.

Regular Slot Updates and Game Releases

Even though this casino runs entirely on top of the Rival Gaming software library, it does offer game updates throughout the year and there are different game opportunities to take advantage of during that time. Long-term players will be able to enjoy the game releases over time and continue to test out the different options as they are released to them.

New and Long Term Bonus Offers

For new players Malibu Club casino is a place where they can get up to $1,500 in bonus funds over their first three deposits. Each of these welcome bonuses get more generous in their match percentages, making the site more exciting to deposit into each time. There is also a 20% cash back offer for any players that lose their entire deposit. That means you’ll have some cash to play around with even if you don’t hit it rich while wagering. If that’s not enough to get you excited to play on the site there are daily offers for deposits that give bonus match cash, cashback offers and more every single day of the week!

No Tournaments to be Had

There aren’t any slot tournaments available to play at Malibu Club casino. That means that players looking to gamble against other players will be disappointed. There is a nice selection of games to choose from, but all the gamblers looking for a more human challenge will have to look elsewhere to get involved in either poker games and tournaments or slot tournaments offered by another site.

A Wide Range of Casino Payout Possibilities

As a member of a casino like Malibu Club there are many different potential payouts that you can expect. You can get some very rewarding prize wins from the many different slot games offered on the site, or you can go for more consistent prize payouts from something like blackjack that’s more predictable. With so many different games to choose from and a wide range of bonus offers there is something for every sort of player to benefit from.

VIP Rewards

There’s a special VIP system in place at this casino and it gives long-term gamblers something to work toward as they place wager after wager at the casino. Not only can those players move up through the different VIP ranks, but they will earn a range of different rewards along the way. The players can earn different introductory bonus offers for each of the different VIP levels. They’ll also earn increasingly large birthday bonuses and comp points for every dollar wagered at the casino that will later be transformed into gambling funds. All these different rewards help incentivize players to keep coming back and they really work to make the casino into something special as well.

Excellent Mobile Compatibility

Anyone looking to wager on mobile devices can do so while at Malibu Club casino easily. That’s because the site is made to run on most mobile devices. Simply accessing the casino website on a mobile device is all it takes to start placing wagers and making the most of the different features it has to offer. It’s simple to do and it’s not just Androids and iOS devices that will work with the site.

A Simple Online App

Malibu Club casino relies on a very simple app to allow gamblers to use all the different features of the site. Users that want to wager on the site simply have to visit the website, sign in and place wagers. It’s a simple process and one that they can go through very rapidly as well. That’s one of the benefits of being a member of Malibu Club casino, it’s easy to play on most devices.

Registration is Necessary to Play

It makes no difference if you want to play for real money or for free, registration is necessary to play at the casino for everyone. Fortunatenly, registration at Malibu Club casino is fast and simple.

Designed to Be Instant Play

Wagering at the casino means opening up the website and playing different games almost immediately. The casino is designed to offer an instant play platform, and the games all load right in the web browser. It’s a convenient feature of an online casino that makes it simple to start wagering for online gamblers that want to start playing fast.

The Fast Track Affiliate Program

Being a casino affiliate is an excellent way to turn a casino membership into a powerful source of income. Malibu Club Casino is connected to Fast Track Affiliates and members of the program can earn up to a 35% revenue for the life of each customer that they bring to the casino. That can result in a serious income over time and is certainly something to get excited about.

No Sports Betting Options

There aren’t any sports betting options at the Malibu Club Casino and there is no bookie support either. Members of the site will have to go to other sites in order to place sports bets instead. This isn’t a problem for most gamblers, but it can be an issue for some members of the site that prefer placing sports bets over casino wagering.

No Live Dealer Options

Live dealer games are gaining in popularity and more gamblers are looking for them when joining an online casino. These special games give players a real dealer to play alongside with as they play their favorite table games online. They do this by putting the dealer on a webcam stream for all the gamblers to watch as they play. Unfortunately, this service isn’t available at Malibu Club Casino. Players must stick with standard table games when wagering there.

Easy Deposit Tools

Making a deposit into the casino is simple and quick to do for anyone interested in playing on the site. There are just four methods, Visa, MasterCard, Skrill and ecoPayz, and only some of the methods are available depending on where you live in the world. US players can use the two credit card options, while gamblers in Australia have access to all the tools.

Simple Withdrawal Methods

Choosing a withdrawal method is quick and easy to do because there are just a few different options to consider. Players can make withdrawals using Visa, Skrill, ecoPayz and a Wire Transfer. It’s important to note that only some of these methods are available depending on where you are from. For instance, US gamblers can only get money through a wire transfer. Players in Italy on the other hand can use all the methods, and France has wire transfers and Visa withdrawals to choose from.

No Support for Cryptocurrency Transactions

There are many gamblers that only rely on cryptocurrency transfers to fund their wagering. Services like Bitcoin and Litecoin are the preferred tools of these players. Malibu Club doesn’t support any sort of cryptocurrency payment options though. Gamblers that must use that sort of payment tool will have to play elsewhere instead.

Get Instant Support Help

Reach out for help from the casino immediately when playing at Malibu Club casino using one of the many different help tools available. Players can easily make use of telephone, email or live chat support. Phone and live chat are both immediate tools that can be used to ask questions and get answers right away. For the players that have more time and don’t mind waiting for an answer email is another useful tool worth considering.