Spinfinity Man Slots

Spinfinity Man Slots
Heading to the reels to check out a new Betsoft slot is always exciting, but gamblers who take a chance on Spinfinity Man will be astounded with everything the title has to offer. From special power-ups and free spins to an unconventional set of reels and huge prizes, Spinfinity Man Slots was designed to satisfy the superhero within.

Wagering on Seven Reels

While three and five-reel slots are by far the most common, casino enthusiasts have started to see other types of games on the market. Slot titles that don’t offer offer the standard three or five-reel structure tend to offer games in a four or six-reel format; however, those players in search of something even better will be pleased to learn that Spinfinity Man Slots features a surprising 7-reel layout. Coin sizes in the game range from $0.10 to $10 per spin. Although this flat-rate style of betting will be unfamiliar to some players, gamers will want to remember that the top prize in Spinfinity Man awards 5,038 time the wager.

Regular Symbols and Spinfinity Man

The symbol set in Spinfinity Man Slots may appear to be somewhat on the small side, but it still manages to pack in a lot of gaming action. Among the regular icons in the game are symbols like plasma orbs in white crystal, blue, orange and purple as well as standard playing card icons, Jack through Ace. Perhaps the most exciting facet of Spinfinity Man lies in the fact that the title offers both cluster pays and cascading symbols. At least four adjacent like icons will provide a payout, and those symbols will disappear to be replaced with new symbols that may generate additional wins; this cycle will repeat until no wins are present.

Again, the regular symbols in the title are few, but that simply creates more room on the reels for some of the special, high-paying icons featured in the game. The silver infinity symbol is wild, and this icon may be used as a substitute for any other symbol needed to create a win with a couple of exceptions, including Spinfinity Man; when this special character appears on the reels, it will launch one of several different power-ups that can seriously impact the game. Power-ups include:
  • The Laser Eye Beam, which burns away to rows or columns of symbols, vastly creating prize potential. Should two appear in the same spin, two columns and two rows will be rapidly incinerated. Like regular wins and those described below, the icons removed will be removed and replaced because of the cascading reels feature present in the slot.
  • A single Icy Blast will shatter a small cluster of symbols on the reels, while spinning two on the reels will blast a larger cluster of symbols out of the way.
  • Telepathy is another one of Spinfinity Man’s special powers. This incredible outcropping of brain power will remove every instance of a single symbol on the reels, offering instant coin wins to the player.

FanGirl Fame, the Villain Trail and Double Up Features

  • While online gamblers certainly have athletic legends, actors or other famous people to adore, Spinfinity Man’s universe has the FanGirl. This little lady is most enthusiastic when it comes to wins in a cluster pay slot, and it shows. Each win within a single spin sees the FanGirl grow increasingly excited; once five clusters of symbols have been matched, removed and replaced on the reels, the FanGirl Fame Feature is triggered. Once initiated, several random symbols will explode on the reels, offering instant-win prizes. This is one time everybody wants to see a FanGirl get overexcited.
  • Spinfinity Man wouldn’t be a superhero if he didn’t have a nemesis, and in this case, it’s Mr. X. Whenever Mr. X appears on the reels, his likeness will be shifted to the Villain Trail on the game screen; symbols will be replaced and one step of the trail will be revealed. After completing the 10-step trail, gamblers will be awarded 10 free spins. During this round, Spinfinity Man symbols turn into Mr. X symbols, adopting his superpowers along the way. Spinfinity Man’s Laser Eye Beam, Icy Blast and Telepathy are Mr. X’s Laser Arm Cannon, Destruction Bomb or X-Ray powers, respectively.
  • Like many of the titles released by developer Betsoft, players can look forward to doubling their wins at the end of regular spins. Just use the “Double Up” button on the game controls in order to wager half or all of a win; a correct guess of heads or tails is all gamers need to take their prize to the next level.

Huge Wins Available in Spinfinity Man

Spinfinity Man features plenty that gamblers won’t usually see in a standard slot game. With seven reels, special power-ups, the bonus features and plenty of action in the base game, players will never have to worry about getting bored when they play Spinfinity Man Slots. Get started today for your chance to win.