Triple Juicy Drops Slots

The background of the slot features an ocean of fruit juice against blue skies and delicious-looking fruits swimming in the pink-tinted water. The design of this game is colorful and bold. This is a vibrant slot that puts just as much artistic thought into its design as a game considered more thematically complicated - like an Egyptian slot or a Greek god-based slot. The only difference is they've taken a classic theme and given it a modern twist. Fruit-based games have been popular since players were playing only on physical slot machines! The top jackpot attached to this game is an enormous 20,534x! This board is not for super high rollers. The spins are valued anywhere from $0.30 to $22. However, that being said, expect to see high win potential thanks to that top jackpot available.


The wins don't need to start from a particular side in this game, they'll still pay out regardless. When you trigger a winning combo, the drops occur and remove all winning symbols, and new ones will take their place. It's likely that will trigger even more favorable wins and can escalate to trigger even more drops.

There is something in this game known as the Triple Juicy Drops system, and understanding it is crucial to getting the most out of this game. They'll give you three random symbols, and these are the symbols you need to collect to trigger any of the prize wheels. You must collect a few of the symbols within the single spin, but multiple drops can be used to collect all symbols required. You need 5, 15, or 25 symbols to trigger these prize wheels. After 20 spins, the symbol you need will change into a different one. When you collect enough symbols, the prize wheel spins, and multiple prize wheels can be activated in a single spin to make things even better!

Other Bonuses

They also have regular bonus features. The wild symbols are helpful for example, they substitute for other symbols to complete winning combinations. They also pay well on their own. Wilds can also be added to the reels when you combine five symbols. You can receive 2-3 of these symbols with multipliers attached, as long as you have a column and a row of five symbols at once. When the wins intersect, you win up to five wilds and you'll receive an x3 multiplier.

Besides this awesome wild-heavy feature, they have a free spins mode that can be triggered using 3 to 5 scatters. You can receive multiple wilds and boost your wins by x3 thanks to the free spins mode. You can't retrigger more free spins when you activate this mode, though.


This game has it all - a classic, popular, and widely appealing theme, along with a lot of bonus features to keep the board interesting. The prize wheel was an unusual aspect but only served to enhance the free spins and cascading reels feature. Despite picking what looks to be on the surface, a basic slot, the gameplay itself manages to keep the game interesting. Plus, the payouts are good - and that's what matters.