Book of Golden Sands Slots

Book of Golden Sands Slots is a machine game created by Pragmatic play with an enticing little Egyptian theme to it. The instruction screen is printed in this weird gold tint that makes it look ancient. The bottom of the screen instantly informs you that the jackpot is 10000x your max bet, which is a pretty lucrative jackpot to play for. There are also mystery symbols that have the capability of expanding up to 10 times per reel. These reasons and more will be enough to keep gamblers playing for quite a while. Once you get past the instruction screen, you are met with a 6×3 reel with a beautiful aesthetic. The title of the game is listed at the top of the screen followed by the machine, which is decked out in gold. The bottom right button allows a gambler to spin and the space bar feature allows for a turbo spin that will make the screen go faster. This is all part of Pragmatic gaming lettings players choose their own experience and users will enjoy this.

More about Book of Golde Sands slots

The game was released by Pragmatic gaming in September of 2022. It offers 729 paylines, a free spin mode, and a max jackpot of 10000x your original bet. The minimum bet for this machine is 20 cents and the maximum is $100. This allows those looking for a low-risk game a chance at over 2000 dollars in winnings! If a user feels bold enough to go for the $100 max bet though, they could win a whopping million dollars. There is also some pretty great options for those looking for a sweet spot in between and could be lucrative with 729 pay lines to win on.

The Tiles in Book of Sands are absolutely beautiful

This game does a lot right and the way they create their tiles is one of them. There's just something beguiling about each one. These included two different pharaohs tiles, an Egyptian queen tile a book of sands scatter tile, and some pretty unique artifact tiles. The scatter tires trigger free spin mode and can be reached if you happen to match three of them together. The expanding tile in the free spin mini-game is particularly fun and will wow you as it grows in size to take over the screen. Pragmatic gaming just put so many interesting touches into this experience that it seems impossible to just play once. The artwork and time invested into immersion are worth it alone.

Final thoughts on Book of sands

Book of sands is a game that seems like a lot of fun to play. It entices you instantly with its 10000x max jackpot win. The expanding scatter during free play mode is just another reason to give this game a shot. This isn't one of those games that you endlessly find yourself clicking the spin button. It will excite you with things happening on the screen all the time. Whether it be the speed of the spins, the free play mode, or the expanding starters, your gonna see some cool stuff. The betting restrictions are at a minimum, allowing high rollers and penny pinchers a chance to get in on the action. Give it a chance if you get some time. This game is a hidden gem and should be known more.