Divas of Darkness Slots

Divas of Darkness is a slot machine game powered by Brango that is trying to go for a sexy Halloween theme. Unfortunately for the machine and users, there isn't much to the gimmick past the name, the tiles, and the background. Promotions around the internet for the game seem to make it seem like some sexual-themed thriller. Where your fantasies can come true. That doesn't really come across in the game however and it makes for quite a jarring experience. The machine does offer 243 ways to win on a 5×5 wheel and the colors are very nicely done. They somewhat fit a Halloween-like theme but are too bright in color to match it perfectly. As for the supposed Divas of Darkness, they are dressed in some of the least revealing clothing you will see in a slot machine game. So if that was your intention for playing, you might want to find something else to fill your time with. The game seems to want to appeal to the Halloween crowd but does nothing to go all in on the gimmick. For example, in the Bubble Bubble series, three beguiling witches watch you throughout the game. While the girls in Divas of Darkness are beautiful in their own way, it isn't enough to make it a main selling feature of the game.

Divas of Darkness Slots betting range and other features

Divas of Darkness might not have the sexy factor going for it, but there is a wide betting range for anyone willing to play. A user can spend as little as 0.25 cents or as much as $125.00 per spin. This allows for a sort of choose-your-own-adventure experience and is great for those that like to hunt for a jackpot. Speaking of the jackpot, Divas of Darkness offers winnings of up to six million dollars. On the low end, a user can earn $12,500. That's a pretty good lump sum of money for betting the minimum and might be worth going for if you have the time. You probably won't feel like it however if you felt lied to by the advertisement of the game. Despite the jackpots on both ends being pretty decent, there's just no getting over the fact that it wasn't advertised right.

Final thoughts on Divas of Darkness.

How can you have a game named Divas of Darkness and it is not sexy? How can it not even be that scary? Of course, it does have some potion bottles and fantasy-type items, but that doesn't equate to horror either. The supposed Divas of darkness are clothed the entire time and don't even really interact with you. It's a one-sided experience in that way from beginning to end. There's nothing to immerse yourself in the experience past the graphics. Play at your own risk.