T-Rex II Slots

Coming in hot on the heels of another fan favorite, this is definitely the dinosaur game to beat in the online slot machine world! Being a fairly standard game with five reels and 25 lines to bet on, you will see all of your favorite dinosaurs here, alongside some very beautiful renditions of them in new and interesting ways.

If you were looking for an exciting romp in a new theme, or a familiar take on an old one, this game is perfect for you, and anyone else that simply interested in getting a lot of money!

A Worthy Sequel

The game here is much like the first, basically being about dinosaurs. Although a Tyrannosaurus rex is the title animal that you will like we have the most familiarity with, it doesn't make up a whole lot of the reels overall. They are largely taken up by other familiar dinosaurs, such as raptors, triceratops, and other goodies that every kid on the planet can probably recite by heart. If you're not into dinosaurs, it probably goes without saying that this game will not be your cup of tea. If you grew up loving them, however, or happen to find them interesting, that there aren't that many games out there that could compete with it!

As far as the gameplay goes, you will see nothing here that is all that out of the ordinary, which we feel is a positive thing. Brought to you by the wonderful folks at real time gaming, you can expect the usual sweet of five reels to spin, progressive jackpots, and 25 lines in total for you to put down some money on. You can use coins that range from one penny all the way up to five dollars, which if you do the math, resulting in maximum bet at any one time of $125.

Fun Bonus Games and Features

Alongside that, you can expect a wonderful bonus games, such as free spins that pop up fairly frequently, and the T-Rex terrorizing wild feature. This one will have you quaking in your boots as you fleet from a T-Rex, although pretty much everything you do here is to the tune of winning some money, so we think it is and all that scary after all!

The main draw here is trying to line up a larger number of dinosaur eggs, which is one of the most satisfying experiences that you have in the entire game. If you can get 3 to 5 of them appearing anywhere at all on the reels themselves, you will win 10, 20, or 100 total in free spins. This happened far more often than that the Tyrannosaurus Rex itself, which will let you get a maximum payout of 5000 times anything that you bet for that line. If you do the math, this is a very hefty sum if you put down $125 on one of those lucky reels!

Many Jackpots!

Not to be outdone by the competition, there is also more than one jackpot for you to win here. The progressive jackpot can happen without warning, it is the main one of the most players will be used to looking out for him. It has a more minor jackpot, however, that is also included, being over $250. A major jackpot is featured alongside of those, which resets periodically to $1000. Taken together, these are three separate jackpot, which is three more of the many games even have nowadays! We would have been happy with one, but going all the way with three really did out do themselves.

The main element of the game that's going to stand out to you the most here is going to be the artwork, which is true of most of these games, which only differ in the way that they look. Aside from a hefty amount of bonus content here, and a large number of jackpots, you'll be staring these dinosaurs straight in the face for the majority of your time here. We are happy to say that, although the creatures themselves are something we consider hideous, it all looks very well done, it will please even the most ardent opponents to dinosaurs. As a point of reference, we ourselves don't actually care about dinosaurs at all, and find them somewhat creepy. Despite that, however, we felt very enthralled by the way the reels were painted, each of them looking like an image you might find from the heavy-metal comic, only with giant scary lizards that are out to kill one another. We would say they're out to kill us as well, but we didn't exist back then, so we take that as a way to relax while playing an otherwise dangerous looking game!

The Dinosaur King of the Slot World

In closing, this is a sequel to worthy game that did very well, and manages to beat it in most ways. The art style is of a higher quality, the jackpots are bigger and more numerous, the gameplay operates more quickly, and the payout is what you would usually expect from the wonderful people at reel time gaming. There are probably only a small handful of games about dinosaurs in all of the online slot machine world. The fact that you are able to enjoy this one, being the king of the crop, is both a privilege and a rare find all things considered!

We feel that this game has enough going for it even people that are not fans of dinosaurs like ourselves will find something to love here. It is a game that is well tailored on multiple levels to appeal to many different audiences. If you are simply in these to win many of the multiple jackpots they will have going all the time, you will love this game. If you were that nerdy kid that freaked around with dinosaur toys in the bathtub growing up, this game is also going to be a godsend for you. For everyone else, however, it's simply an example of a well-made game, which we feel anyone will be able to appreciate, even if the subject matter is not their thing!