Apple Pay Mobile Casinos

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Apple are of course well known as an innovative company that are constantly pushing the boundaries and providing us with the very latest technology, and their latest product, while not arriving with a fanfare such as what we saw with the release of the iPhone 6 is another example of changing the way we do things, for the better. The new Apple Pay is now available on all iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus and is a contactless payment method that allows you to pay for goods and services directly from your phone, and while we were taking a look at this cool new product, we got to thinking about Apple Pay casinos, and what help could this new offering be to real money mobile casino games players.

Apple Pay works by safely storing your credit card details in your phone, and when paying for goods you simply hold your phone towards the contactless reader and use your finger reader ID. The phone will then give you a little vibration to tell you that payment has been made, and off you go. You may also use Apple Pay to make in app purchases in much the same way, by using the simple fingerprint ID, however we struggled to see what use this is to mobile games players, until....

We realized that many US mobile players use prepaid Visa and Visa gift cards to top up their casino accounts with, and these prepaid cards are available in places such as Walmarts and Walgreens, places that accept the new Apple Pay, so while you may not login to your favorite mobile casino and pay directly with Apple Pay, you can pay for your Visa top ups, giving at least one use for this new technology to gamers who get their action mobile. Maybe one day we will be able to use something similar to Apple Pay to be able to simplify mobile casino payments and withdrawals, and at the speed technology moves it wouldn't be surprising if something crops up, but until then here's to what is available!

Prepaid Visa Mobile Casinos

Below you'll find a list of real money mobile casinos that accept prepaid Visa cards when making your deposit. Prepaid Visa works just like a regular Visa card in the casino cashier and will fund your account instantly. The cards may be obtained in many places across the US, such as gas stations and convenience stores, in fact more and more people are using them while making everyday purchases to save themselves carrying cash or credit cards. They are safe and secure and are ideal when playing real money online casino games.