Hot Drop Jackpots

Bovada Casino is rolling out a new type of jackpot system called Hot Drop Jackpots. These must-win prizes deliver guaranteed payouts on an hourly and daily basis. That said, you can look forward to consistent jackpots at Bovada Casino. Interested in playing for big guaranteed payouts? Keep reading to learn more about Bovada's Hot Drop Jackpots and which games offer them.

What Are Hot Drop Jackpots?

The Bovada Casino Hot Drop Jackpots are slots prizes that hit within scheduled intervals. These progressive payouts include Hourly, Daily, and Super Jackpots. The Hourly Jackpot continues growing until it hits within the hour, with your odds increasing as the hour draws nearer. Daily Jackpots have the same concept, except that they're bigger and must hit within the day. Again, your odds of winning increase as the day inches closer to ending. The Super Jackpot continues increasing until hitting, which happens before it reaches a maximum value of $250,000. Your odds are higher when you play near the $250k max amount.

Over $5 Million in Monthly Hot Drop Jackpots

Bovada is going all out with its new Hot Drop prizes. This long-time popular online casino will pay out $5 million in monthly winnings through the Hot Drop Jackpots. Here's a quick recap on what to expect regarding these progressive payouts:

  • Hourly Jackpot - Pays an average of $1,000 every hour and must hit within 60 minutes.
  • Daily Jackpot - Delivers an average of $25,000 every day and has to hit within 24 hours.
  • Super Jackpot - Pays before it hits a maximum of $250k.

Once a Hot Drop Jackpot delivers, it remains locked until the next available interval. So if the Hourly Jackpot wins within 10 minutes, it'll lock up for the next 50 minutes.

Which Bovada Casino Slots Offer Hot Drop Jackpots?

Currently, three online slots are part of the Hot Drop Jackpot system. These games include 777 Deluxe, A Night with Cleo, and Golden Buffalo:

  • 777 Deluxe - Blends 3D graphics with traditional fruit machine symbols. 777 Deluxe slot also offers a bonus round and mystery symbols.
  • A Night with Cleo - This game stands out thanks to its Double Up round, where you play a strip card game with the beautiful Cleopatra.
  • Golden Buffalo - This 6-reel slot takes you out on the American prairie, where massive multipliers worth up to 3,125x are available.

Each of these games offer the Hourly, Daily, and Super Jackpots. That said, you get to play for three progressive jackpots on top of the regular game prizes. In the case of Golden Buffalo, for example, you'd play for the game's $500,000 max prize and any of the jackpots. Keep in mind that Bovada Casino may expand its line of Hot Drop games beyond

Top Reasons to Play for Bovada Must Win Jackpots

We're excited about the Bovada Casino Hot Drop Jackpots for a few reasons. First off, you're playing for prizes on top of prizes. As mentioned before, the Hot Drop payouts are in addition to regular jackpots and bonuses available in a game. You can also look forward to an easy process in getting started. Once a registered Bovada member with deposited funds, you just select one of the relevant games and play like normal. Finally, Hot Drop Jackpot slots are conveniently available through smartphones and tablets. You can play these games on the go and chase big money in the process.

Tips for Winning Hot Drop Jackpots

We're rooting for you to do well with these games and would like to offer a few tips. You should keep the following in mind when playing Hot Drop Jackpot slots:

  • Play when the Hourly or Daily Jackpots are near their time limits to boost your odds of winning.
  • Play when the Super Jackpot is closer to $250,000 to increase your odds.
  • Don't play when one or more Hot Drop Jackpots are inactive (happens with Daily and Hourly prizes).
  • Pursue Bovada Casino bonuses to earn extra money on the side.

How to Get Started with Hot Drop Jackpot Slots

You can quickly begin playing for Hot Drop prizes by registering and depositing at Bovada. The registration process only takes 1-2 minutes to complete. You can fund your account using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Zelle, Match Pay, Visa, Mastercard, and Amex. Bitcoin is ideal because it qualifies you for the Bovada Casino bonus, which pays up to $3,750 over three deposits. After depositing, you'll be able to load up Hot Drop online slots and chase big jackpots!