JazzSports Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

Many of the games on this site feature super popular themes based on culturally significant stories, books, or movies. It makes it an easy touchstone for fans to relate to and gives players actual incentive to try the games out. The animations and plot lines of the games are engaging enough. They didn't skip out in terms of covering the basics within their game library. I did find many of the actual games were quality. Though this site itself seems more focused on the sportsbook, I see a lot of potential in the actual casino section itself.

Deposit Cash Bonus

You can claim a 10% deposit cash bonus, which comes with a really low wagering requirement. You'll receive a 10% match on your first deposit, worth over $100. The rollover is 4x and the maximum bonus is $500. There is a 15% deposit cash bonus option as well, claimable for deposits over $500, but the rollover requirement for this option is x5 instead of x4. The last deposit cash offer is a 20% deposit cash bonus on a deposit of $100 or more, worth up to $500 and the bonus cash comes with an 8x rollover requirement.

Free Play Bonus

The free-play bonuses are a delight because they also come with extremely low rollover requirements. First off, you'll receive a 30% free play bonus match on a deposit over $100, up to $500 with a rollover requirement of 5x. In the world of online casino bonuses, you should know this is unusually low wagering. The next option in terms of free play bonuses is a 50% free play bonus, which also comes with a low rollover requirement. For this bonus, deposit $100 or more, and the maximum for this bonus is $500. This bonus comes 8x rollover. The last free play bonus is a 100% bonus, which players can claim if they deposit $100. The maximum for this bonus is the same as the first two bonuses, resting at $500. This bonus comes with the largest rollover, but that doesn't say much because it's laughably low. It's only 12x!

Casino Rebate

There is an online casino rebate! You'll receive a .00025% rebate on the majority of your casino action, apart from a few games that are excluded such as roulette. However, rest assured the majority of the casino qualities for this rebate.

Referral Bonus

If you're the type of person with a lot of friends, you'll want to look into this referral bonus. You will receive a bonus that is 50% of your friend's first deposit if you refer them to join. The maximum deposit for this promotion is worth up to $500, which is perfect for your high-roller friends who deposit at least $1,000.

Customer Service

If you need to speak to one of the customer service agents at Jazz Sports, you can do so by phone, email, and live chat. There are several different phone numbers because there are several different customer service departments at jazz sports, which means it is easier to find the root of your problem. Live chat might be the easiest method for contacting players. You can also just send them an email at csd@jazzsports.ag, and if you need wagering support, reach out to manager@jazzsports.ag.