Making Deposits in a Bitcoin Casino

Making deposits at a Bitcoin Casino is as easy as withdrawing money from an ATM machine. In fact, there are so many tutorials online, each providing its own process. To make it easy for you to fund your online casino account, we prefer to utilize a tutorial from a Bitcoin Casino. Therefore, we have chosen a Bitcoin Guide that will assist you in every way possible. There are three steps you need to perform in order to fund your Bitcoin Casino.

Step One

You will first need to obtain a Bitcoin Wallet. There are two types of Bitcoin Wallets; Web Wallets and Software Wallets. A Web Wallet is the easiest to obtain, but less secure than other online wallets. Therefore, we recommend you use the Software Wallet. This is definitely more secure due to the fact that you are in complete control and there is no third party service causing you concern. The recommended Bitcoin Wallet we would use is BreadWallet. All you need to do is to go to the App store and download this Wallet onto your smartphone.

Step Two

Purchasing Bitcoins will be an easy task. Once you have your Bitcoin Wallet, you can now buy the Bitcoins using either your credit or debit card through an exchange. Such an exchange is safe and will require some form of identification to create an account. We recommend you use CoinBase to buy the Bitcoins. You can do so via credit or debit cards and local currency.

Step Three

After you have obtained your Bitcoin Wallet and have your Bitcoins in it, the address for that wallet is important. This wallet is where your Bitcoins will be stored. Now you can send Bitcoins to your Wallet via the exchange. They will ask for your wallet address. Send your Bitcoins from your exchange account to your wallet by exercising the following: Click on the Send Bitcoin button in your exchange account, then copy and your wallet address, and then click Send. You are now ready to make a deposit at a Bitcoin Casino.