Bet Cave Casino

The Bet Cave is a cleverly named online casino that’s just recently been opened up. This online site is developed by the likes of Rival Powered and offers access to some truly stellar game options. Even though the software that builds the casino is excellent, that doesn’t mean the site is worth playing at. Below we go into detail about the bonus offers, the special VIP features, the banking options, the game selection, mobile support and much more while deciding if the site is worth testing out or not. Learn all of these things and many more by reading through our in-depth review and then decide if you want to be a member of the site or not.

Built on Top of Rival Powered

The Bet Cave features games from the likes of Rival Powered, a well-known software development company for online casinos. That means there is a pretty good selection of slots, table games, video poker games and specialty games to choose from. Even though Rival Powered isn’t one of the biggest software companies for casinos, the company is well0known for offering quality games and for really enticing gamblers with more advanced features. It’s those two elements that make the game so exciting to test out and one of the reasons that the Bet Cave is worth joining.

A Plain and Simple Lobby

The lobby of the Bet Cave casino is simple to use and easy to access. It’s available through a software download or through a web browser. Once in the lobby for the casino it’s simple to access the features of the casino including the games, the deposit methods, the bonus offers, help tools and more. They are all available through the upper and lower navigation bars and it only takes a moment to find all the different features of the site and to learn how to make use of them. The site looks a bit plain compared to the cluttered sites some casinos have, but tis is a good thing that enhances the play experience at the Bet Cave.

Can Players from Around the World Wager at the Bet Cave?

While American and Australian players have ready access to the casino, gamblers from Italy, Sweden, the UK and Canada don’t enjoy access to this online casino. Gamblers in much of the rest of the world can access the features of the site and play conveniently.

A Nice Mixture of Casino Games

As a player at the Bet Casino gamblers have access to a nice mixture of casino games to pick from. There are video and classic slot games. There are also table games, specialty games, bingo games and a bunch of progressive jackpot options to choose from as well. With so many different games to pick from at the casino it’s exciting to be a long-term member of the site because there is always something new to test out and something different to do.

Classic and Video Slot Games

There are both classic and video slots at the casino in good numbers. The different games were created by Rival Powered, but there are options in a range of different themes and appearances. Whether gamblers are interested in super heroes, ancient civilizations, certain animals, stories or movies or something else, there’s a good chance they can find a game with a theme that appeals to them. There are hundreds of slot games to choose from, and they offer a wide range of features that can be sifted through for the very best options overall.

Play Online for Free

Most of the games at the Bet Cave casino are available to test out for free for the players that want to get to know the different offerings. That means that new players have the ability to test out the different games before ever spending money on them. The only thing that players re required to do before they can make use of all these different games is to go through the registration process. It only takes a few minutes to register and there is no obligation to spend real money, but doing so will open up the free play games to all the gamblers that want to test them out. This is a huge benefit to the players that want to try the games out before risking their money.

Wagering for Real Money

After going through registration with the casino it’s easy to start wagering for free or for real money at the casino. For the players that are interested in wagering real money, there is only one additional step to go through. These players will have to go through a bank deposit. To do this they choose a banking method and make an initial deposit. It doesn’t have to be for a huge amount of money, but the amount you deposit will be your starting bankroll.

New Slots are Released Throughout the Year

Rival Powered isn’t as big as some online software developers are, but the company is still big enough to put out quite a few new slot games throughout the year. New gamblers just getting started at the casino will likely have quite a few games to try out that they haven’t tested before, even if they’ve played many of the slots and other games. The long term players may eventually go through and test out all the different games offered. When this happens, it’s common to want new options to test out. That’s why it’s so nice that the casino offers several new casino games throughout the year. These new slots are fun to test out, offer new features and are an exciting addition for long-term gamblers.

Just a Few Basic Promotions

There are just two promotional offers available to players at the BetCave and they’re introductory bonus offers that apply to initial deposits into the casino. On the first deposit into the site you can get up to $500 in bonus cash with a 200% deposit match. On the second deposit you can get up to $1,000 in cash with a 100% deposit match bonus. These two offers both come with wagering requirements and some limitations, but they’re exciting tools to get started wagering with. New players have a lot to look forward to when joining the casino, while long-term players have to rely on the new games to get real benefit from the casino.

No Slot Tournaments

There are some online casinos that offer competitive tournaments for slot games and other casino games that gamblers play regularly. This isn’t true of the Bet Cave though. Even though the site offers a huge range of casino games to choose from, there are no tournaments for players to take part in. This can be disappointing to some players at the site, but most are happy just to use the many different games in the library and they enjoy their time there rather than worrying about tournaments.

Big Winning Opportunities

As a home to some high-quality progressive jackpot slot games, there are opportunities for very big wins at this online casino. Gamblers that are looking to make it big and to become wealthy from gambling should spend some time testing out these progressive jackpot games. These are the only slots with massive prize paying jackpots and they give players a chance to win very big, even if that chance is very small in size. It’s possible for players to win tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars while wagering on the games.

Few Reward Opportunities

Without an established VIP program and few long-term bonuses available at the Bet Cave, long term players don’t have too many rewards to look forward to. Gamblers at the casino that stick around will have to rely on the game library and the different winning opportunities from the different games themselves to keep them entertained and looking forward to coming back once again.

Decent Mobile Support

Mobile players will enjoy good solid support from the casino without having to go through any additional steps after joining up. The only thing that mobile players need to do when using the casino in their web browser is click on mobile before they play. This brings them to the mobile lobby where they can pick from the play for real or play for fun options. Not only that, but they also have an option to turn down the graphical features of the site to play in Lite mode. Doing that will make the software run more smoothly on lowered powered devices. Most mobile devices will work just fine to try out the casino with. Serious mobile players will enjoy how easy it is to play at the Bet Cave.

Playing Online

There is a software download available for the casino, but it isn’t necessary. It’s possible to play at the Bet Cave without making any sort of deposit at all or downloading software. Simply access the site in your web browser and sign in to play. It’s that easy.

You Cannot Play Without Registration

There are some casinos that make it possible to place play money wagers before going through the registration process and becoming a member of the site. The Bet Cave isn’t one of those sites. The casino requires players to go through the registration process before they can play any games, but it s a fast and simple registration.

Instant Play is Supported

Though it isn’t the only way to play, instant play is supported at the Bet Cave. This feature makes it possible to load up the different casino games and to start wagering almost immediately after joining. That’s a nice perk for new members to enjoy when they’re ready to gamble.

No Bookies

There aren’t any bookies or sports betting at the Bet Cave. Gamblers on the site will have to stick with casino wagering instead. That can be disappointing to some, but most players won’t have an issue with placing wagers on standard casino games only. For the players that need to place sports wagers it’s easy to join a sportsbook as well.

Keep up with the Latest News

Getting up-to-date information about what is happening at the casino is simple to do. Visiting the casino home page and looking through the promotions page is al it takes to determine what is going on at the site and if new features are being introduced.

No Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games are online table games that have a dealer that runs the game over a webcam. Players can watch this dealer while placing wagers and going through one round after another of the game and it makes them feel more connected to the game. Live dealer games tend to be slower, but they can be more immersive as well. There are no live dealer games at the casino, which will disappoint some gamblers.

Reasonable Banking Tools

Banking at the casino is simple to do and there are just enough deposit and withdrawal options available for everyone. Players can use MasterCard or Visa to handle deposits quickly and easily. These deposits don’t come with any sort of fees attached to them which is a nice bonus. ecoPay is another available tool along with UseMyCard and Paysafe card. These all work well for deposit purposes. When it comes to making deposits or withdrawals at the casino there’s Neteller, Skrill and Bitcoin to make use of. They’re quick and easy to work with and good enough for most players that need to play at the casino with confidence.

Bitcoin is Accepted

Some gamblers will only wager using Bitcoin because it’s convenient and sometimes considered to be more secure as well. That’s why it’s good to hear that Bitcoin is readily accepted at the Bet Cave. Players on the site can easily use the service to send money back and forth between the casino website and their own personal Bitcoin wallet.

Poor Customer Support

The main area that the Bet Cave is lacking in is customer support. There is limited support for players at the casino looking for help. The players can only get support from the team through email and nothing else. That means it can take time to get help for problems and it can be frustrating if you have an issue you’re dealing with.

The Bet Cave is a worthy online site for interested gamblers to play at. The site has more than enough features to make online wagering at it exciting, but it does lack some key features that gamblers might want. The customer support is lacking and there aren’t live dealer games or slot tournaments. If those things don’t both you you’ll love all the features that the site has for you to make use of.