Have you heard of Slotomania before? This is an online casino, and it does have plenty of slots to play, as you’d guess from that title. However, while you can figure out that much without a lot of hassle, this casino does hold a few surprises. There are some things you should know before you join, so we’re going to go through three of those here for you.

This is a social casino

So… what do we mean by that? Simply that the site is all about enjoying slot games without paying for them. It means there are no chances here to receive any real prizes. You can scoop coins that sit in your account, but you can only use those coins to play other games at Slotomania. Once you’ve got that, you can get on with playing some of the games that get your attention.

You can sign up with email or connect via Facebook

Since this is a social casino, the second possibility makes more sense. If you know others who play at Slotomania, you can share your experiences on Facebook too. However, we can confirm it’s simple enough to sign up using your email address, giving you another way to access the site and your account if you’d rather.

Follow Slotomania on Facebook

If you’re on Facebook and you’ve decided to connect that way, it makes sense to follow the Slotomania page there too. While you’ll collect a million coins when you sign up, you can collect more by staying in touch with their Facebook page. They’ve got other deals there that you might want to watch out for.

Look out too for the free coins page at Slotomania. This gives you more details of other methods you can use to claim coins to play with, so there is a lot to enjoy on the site.

Will you begin to play at Slotomania today?

Whenever you fancy a slice of slot game action, you can certainly get it at Slotomania. We’ve highlighted three things you should be aware of before you play, but for a bonus fact, we’ll reveal that the site has over 200 slots for you to choose from. They venture into all kinds of themes too, so whatever you usually look for, from simple games to more complicated ones, you’re bound to find it at Slotomania.