Slots Empire Casino

Slots Empire Casino

Slots Empire is a newer online casino and boasts a wide range of exciting features. The site looks nice at first glance, but it's the different features it has to offer that makes it worth being a member of. You can join and test the casino for yourself, or read through our complete review to learn what you can expect from Slots Empire. Take a look at our review and decide for yourself whether the casino is good enough to join or not.

The Casino Games Offered

Slots Empire offers an excellent variety of casino games, including slots, video poker games, table games and a range of specialty games. There are well-known and highly popular games among that list of options, and also some lesser-known games. Players enjoy having more than 100 different games to choose from and an updated roster of slots that gives them something else to look forward to on a monthly basis.

Looking at the Casino Slots

With more than 100 different slot games to choose from it makes no difference whether you enjoy classic or modern slot games, they are both readily available at Slots Empire. This online casino offers slots of nearly every theme and there are even progressive jackpot slots to choose from if you're looking for those massive prize payouts. From fishing themed slots, to fairies, wizards zombies and more, there's a different theme for every sort of gambler represented at Slots Empire.

Enjoying the Games for Free

Even if you don't have real money to wager while playing at Slots Empire, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the many different games on offer anyway. There are literally more than 100 different slots and table games, and you can play with most of those games without spending any real money at all. Simply choose practice mode and the slot will open up and start running like normal, only you aren't risking any real money as you play. Use this mode to help you become more familiar with the different games before wagering real money.

Playing for Real Money

If you are interested in winning real money, you can start up a full account, complete your initial deposit and start playing the many different games for real money as simply as that. The process is quick and easy to complete and will leave you with a chance to play for some pretty big real money prizes.

Newly Added Slot Games

New slot games are added regularly to the roster of options at Slots Empire. That means you have a good mix of options to pick from and even if you've played them all you shouldn't have to wait too long until you get a new game to test out as well.

Live Dealer Casino Games

Live dealer games are exciting, but they limit you to waiting around for a dealer to make the next move. Slots Empire doesn't currently offer any Live Dealer table games, but it's a feature that could be added in the future.

Enjoying the Casino Tournaments

Slots Empire is currently thinking about offering access to casino tournaments that put players against one another. These tournaments aren't active just yet, but would allow gamblers to go up against one another and try to be the top player on the leaderboard.

Take Advantage of Exciting Promotions

With solid welcome bonuses and regular ongoing promotions to look forward to, there's always a way to benefit as a player at Slots Empire. You have a huge range of options to choose from each time you get on in terms of rewards to unlock. Choose one of the welcome bonuses, or one of the monthly or 24/7 bonuses and unlock free money before you start gambling for the day.

The Different Payout Methods

As a gambler at Slots empire you have many different payout methods to work with that you can use to get your money back out of your account. Visa and Mastercard are both supported, as well as Bitcoin and a bank wire transfer. Use any of these methods to remove your money from your account within jus ta few days and enjoy the spoils of your victory.

The Different Deposit Methods

When looking to get started with Slots Empire it's vital to consider all the different deposit methods and which is going to work best for you. There are just five available methods, but each is simple to use. Choose between Visa and MasterCard credit or debit cards, as well as pre-paid gift cards. You also have the option of going with a Bitcoin deposit and a Neosurf transfer. Each method is proven and trusted and you can pick and choose the one you like best.

Casino Rewards

Aside from the ongoing promotions offered at Slots Empire, there isn't any special rewards system in place. The casino doesn't offer a VIP program like some do, but it does make it easy to unlock free money through careful deposits into the site. Play long enough and you'll have a chance to take advantage of many of the promotions offered at Slots Empire.

Mobile Support

Slots Empire is designed with mobile players in mind and will work just fine with Android, Apple, Windows Phone and most Blackberry devices as well as long as they are modern. If you have a newer mobile phone or tablet the casino should load up just fine in the web browser and allow you to play your favorite games smoothly anywhere that you like.

The Casino App

There is currently no app for Slots Empire and there is no need for one. All the games run smoothly in a web browser whether you are on a full-sized computer or you are using a mobile device.

Play Without Registration

While you will need to register and complete an initial payment into Slots Empire in order to enjoy gambling for real money on the site, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the different games without registering. You can test out any of the games that look interesting without any registration at all as long as you use practice mode. None of the gameplay will be worth real money and you can't win anything at all, but you can get familiar with the games being offered and learn more about the casino itself.

The Casino Affiliate Program

If you decide to partner up with Slots Empire you can become a valuable member of the team while earning up to 45% commission on new leads you bring to the casino. The affiliate program is offered through Top One Partners and gives serious marketers a way to generate a regular stream of income while working with well-respected online casinos.

The Slots Empire Bookie

Slots Empire doesn't currently offer any bookie services and is not a tool that players can use for any sports betting activities. Players that enjoy sports betting will have to look at different casino and sportsbook options instead.

Using Cryptocurrency

Many online slots today don't support cryptocurrency as a payment method. That's not an issue at Slots Empire though. Players are free to make deposits and withdrawals at the casino using Bitcoin. The payment method is known for being secure, fast and affordable and is a powerful tool for moving money around as an online gambler.

Getting Casino Help

There are three different help methods available to current players and those with an interest in Slots Empire. There is a dedicated help email that you can use to get help in just a few hours. There is also an always available phone line that you can call to ask for help if you aren't interested in waiting around for help. There's a support messaging system that promises quick responses, and there's a complete FAQ section with answers to most of the common questions that you could have about the casino.

Slots Empire is an impressive online casino and it comes packed with games and entertaining features. It's built to make online gambling comfortable and convenient, and most gamblers would agree that it's a good place to be.