How to Make Casino Bitcoin Deposits

There are many sites on line telling you the best way to make casino Bitcoin Deposits. My feeling is that going to the casino that accepts Bitcoins and has an easy tutorial is the best way to move through the process in an easy and straightforward manner. One such casino offering a tutorial that is easy to grasp is Ignition Casino. Here, they give you a 3-step process that everyone who funds their casino accounts online will understand. So it is to them that I offer my thanks and will pass on the information they provide to you.

3 Steps on How to Make Casino Deposits using Bitcoin

Step 1.

You will need to get a Wallet. This is where you will keep your Bitcoins until you use them. Just go to the App store and download a Wallet onto your smartphone. Ignition Casino suggests you use BreadWallet, which is easy to use, has the best security features, and is most popular for Android and iOS.

Step 2.

Once you have your Wallet, you can now buy the Bitcoins using either your credit or debit card through an exchange. Such an exchange is safe and will require some form of identification to create an account. Ignition Casino also provides the top rated Bitcoin Exchanges. We would recommend Coinbase exchange.

About Coinbase Exchange

Founded in 2012 and based in San Francisco, California, Coinbase is the leading cryptocurrency trading platform in the United States. Coinbase has a variety of convenient payment methods available for users, including Debit/Credit Card and Bank Transfer. Verification time is fairly quick and withdrawals to your US bank account take approximately 1-2 business days. For beginners, this is the best exchange to use.

Step 3.

Now you can send Bitcoins to your Wallet via the exchange. They will ask for your wallet address. Send your Bitcoins from your exchange account to your wallet by exercising the following:

  • Click on the Send Bitcoin button in your exchange account
  • Copy and Paste or type in your wallet address, and then click Send.
  • Now you are ready to fund your online casino account.

Get Your Bitcoin Wallet Today!

There you have it! A 3-step process that is easy, safe, secure; and don't forget that you will also have anonymity as a Bitcoin user. Let's face it; 2019 will be the year where most every online casino will use some type of cryptocurrency. Don't be left with rejection after rejection for trying to fund your online casino account. Use Bitcoins!