Count Cashtacular Slots

Count Cashtacular is a slot machine game developed by Atlantis Gaming that is the perfect mix of spooky and exciting. The music instantly sets the mood with something you would find in a horror movie. It's just enough to build up a feeling of dread while waiting for the screen to load. The background, which features a full moon, a cemetery, and a nice big hill, just has the perfect mix of colors. The purples and blues just blend together in a way that is sort of enchanting. The machine itself is very simple in design, consisting of only a 5×3 reel and buttons at the bottom. While this all essentially takes the guesswork out of what buttons to press, it was disappointing to see the slot machine not turned into something to fit the background. The machine has 25 pay lines to win on, which gives the gambler plenty of chances to win. Fair warning though. Watch out for Count Cashtacular during the game. Landing him on the reel will get you a nudging bonus. This is only one of many different exhilarating features offered by the slot machine.

Betting range and jackpot on Count Cashtacular

While there are a lot of positives to playing Count Cashtacular, especially during the spooky season, there are some negatives. The biggest one is their betting range of 0,25 cents-$25, which is somewhat below average. Usually, a game will at least go $50 or $100, and it's kind of disappointing to know that this game dosen't offer that. Instead it offers a conservative betting structure that would probably benefit those looking to get out ahead. This could easily be done by betting the minimum per spin and slowly building up gains during the course of the day. Users can simply leave the game running by clicking the infinite spins button in the auto spin section. Of course, this takes away from the mesmerizing experience that Count CashTacular offers, but it's up to you. As for the jackpot, the game offers a very nice lump sum of 50,000x for the max line spin. This could lead to a jackpot of over a million dollars if all goes well.

Bonus hint: Google for free spins!

If you are looking to play this game at a discount, there are a couple of no-deposit bonus codes to take advantage of. For example, is offering 60 free spins by using code TACULAR. Winport is offering a $50 free chip for Count Cashtacular, using coder, TRICK. The deals go on and on so make sure to do some googling before making a decision to play or not. Also be awarded that the game offers free spins, nudging wilds, and several other fun things that can actually put you ahead.

Final thoughts on Count Cashtacular slots

As much as some might want to paint this as a seasonal slot machine, it has spooky factors that can keep it relevant for much longer. It also has a pretty sizable jackpot that makes it a little difficult to resist playing. The begging range might be a little mild for some tastes, but it does allow for more responsible gambling. Plus, the jackpot is kind of worth it even on the low end. Whether it's October or just another Saturday in the spring, this is a game that is fun to play! Try it out!