Diamond Fiesta Slots

Color is often important in a slot and can tell you plenty about the theme of a game. It certainly does this in the Diamond Fiesta slot game, which offers plenty of appeal in lots of varied ways. There's nothing too formulaic about this one, so if you're keen to find something different to try, this might be the one you're searching for. Let us take you through the features you can expect to see in Diamond Fiesta.

Discovering the name of the game studio

This was created by Realtime Gaming, a studio that has switched to the brand Spin Logic Gaming in some territories.

They've provided the standard practice game too

We can always rely on this developer to handle this aspect of a slot, and they've done so again here.

Theme information to know before you play Diamond Fiesta

A fiesta is a festival, and in this case, we're met with the Day of the Dead celebrations. Various elements confirm this, not least the appearance of some skeletons.

The design makes the most of the biggest color palette you can think of

We can call lots of slot games colorful, but in this case, it's more colorful than many titles we can think of, even from the same developer. This fits nicely with the theme too.

Learning the basics of this slot game

You're playing a five-reel game here, and you'll spot three symbols coming to rest on each of those reels. The creators have also provided you with four progressive jackpots to play for.

The game offers a skeleton as a wild symbol. He'll stand in for most icons you'll see as you play, but there are two that cannot be subbed by this character. One is the skull, used as a scatter, and the other is a diamond. We'll go into more detail on the roles those two play shortly.

Learning about the Diamond Fiesta payline quantity

There are 50 paylines in play in this slot game, and they've all been fixed in place by the developer.

Checking out the betting situation

The game has one penny as the lowest bet per line, so you'll need to bet 50 cents for each spin of the reels. The game includes other coins too, with the biggest of those being one dollar.

Paytable info for Diamond Fiesta slots

We hope this review is providing you with all the details you need to know before you begin playing the game, but we'd still suggest checking the paytable before doing so. It highlights the available prizes for each winning combination you might see.

Can you find six diamonds to reveal the bonus round?

If you can, you'll see them frozen into those spots. You receive three free respins of the remaining positions, a count that resets to three whenever one or more new diamonds are found. Those are frozen in their positions too.

You might see the game reels change during this feature. For example, landing a diamond in each of the corner positions gives you a bigger area to play on. The highest you can go to is an 8 x 4 set of reels.

This round can produce a progressive jackpot prize, but it's not guaranteed. Each jackpot goes up in size and requires a different trigger to get, with the smallest one the easiest to find and each one beyond that becoming trickier to get.

If you reach this round and don't get a progressive prize, don't worry. The diamonds you've revealed each hold a prize, and those are totaled to award you with your winnings for the round.

Find some free spins too in Diamond Fiesta

As an alternative to the respin bonus feature, you can find three skull scatters anywhere on the reels to receive six free spins. These occur on a new reel set loaded with more scatters, wilds, and diamonds, which means you've got a better chance of accessing the bonus round, finding more free games, and receiving wild prizes.

RTP details may vary from one casino to another

This is a common feature with games from this developer.

Our rating after playing the Diamond Fiesta slot game

There is little reason to give this a middling score - we're awarding 9.5 out of 10 here. We are only dropping away from the perfect score for the lack of 3D graphics, as we feel they might have looked sensational in this game.

What are the odds of receiving a progressive in the bonus feature?

They're long, obviously, but we think you'll have a superb time trying!

Play the demo and experience the Day of the Dead celebrations today

All from within the comfort of your home, of course, as you get underway with some demo spins on Diamond Fiesta.

Does it suit your budget to play for real?

Remember that while this is a penny slot game, it does have 50 fixed lines. This drives the minimum bet way higher than it might otherwise be.

Mobile gaming available as well

Android and iOS users can also access the game via any participating mobile casino.