Big Time Slots

Big Time Slots from WGS technology takes players to the race tracks and roads of the hood where gangs hangout and play music, women woo the men and the men try to prove how good they are not just with the music they listen to but also the races that they take part in with the special adapted cars that are super powerful. Big Time slots is available to download directly to the players computer or he can access it through the instant play version of the casino and the player can enjoy the game on mobile devices. Both Android and Apple devices offer Big Time slots and players can try it out on any platform in fun mode before placing real money bets.

Big Time Basics

Big Time slots is a five-reel game with twenty-five paylines. Players can try out the game in fun mode before placing real money bets using coin sizes that range from $0.01 up to $10 per spin. There is an auto play option or players that want to preset the number of spins the game runs for and this can be set to run up to 100 spins or the player can choose to manually hit the spin button for each game. The player does not have to bet on all the paylines, he can choose to bet on just one or a few, whatever suits the budget that he has set for himself.

The Special Wins

Big Time slots is filled with different winning payouts based on the many symbols of the game. Each payout is awarded when three and more of the same symbol appear on the screen. The extra important symbols are the wild and scatter symbols that award the player with large or bonus payouts. The homie symbol is wild, and he appears on each of the reels where he can substitute for other symbols in the game and complete a winning payout by doing so. Five of the homie symbols on the screen award the player 10000 coins, four award the player 2000 coins, three award the player 200 coins and two award the player 10 coins.

The Bounce Off Bonus

The Bounce Off Bonus is triggered when three and more of the scatter symbols appear on the screen. The scatter symbol is denoted by the logo of the game and it also offers the player multiplying payouts if two or more appear on the screen. Two of the logos award the player 2x the coin bet placed, three award the player 5x the coin bet placed, four award the player 15x the coin bet placed and five award the player 150x the coin bet placed. Three and more of the logos trigger the bounce off bonus game. In this game the player is given four lots of choices. He chooses one out of four paint colors. One out of food hoods, one out of fun rims and one out of four mirrors that will each reveal a number of 1-5. The total number of these is the number of free spins the player can win. After these choices, the player is taken to a new screen where his car will race against another to reward the player with a multiplier for the free spins awarded. The multiplier is anywhere from 1x-5x. The free spins can be triggered again, and the player remains with the same choices. Big Time slots is action packed and gives players a new insight into gangland and the Big Time that each member has.