Grail Maiden Slots

The search for the holy grail is a known dilemma that existed in Medieval times. People of that time believed that the grail held magic powers and hence it was important to have it in one's position. The Grail Maiden slots game gives players a taste of Medieval times. This game is from WGS technology and unlike its regular slots games, there are no set paylines, just winning ways. Within the five reels players need to match up symbols that are the same vertically or horizontally in order to receive a winning payout. The game is set in Medieval times with stained glass windows, knights, maidens, the grail, a horse, a shield and high scoring letters and numbers of cards that make up the symbols in the game.

Basics of the Game

Grail Maiden slots is a game that can be played in fun mode and it is suggested for all players who are not familiar with the winning ways concept, to try out the game in fun mode. The slots game can be downloaded directly to the players computer or he can access it online through the instant play version and there is also a mobile version of Grail Maiden slots that can be played on either an Android or an Apple device through the browser of the device or by downloading the casino app. Betting on the game is by coin and the player can choose from a range of coin sizes that start at $0.25 and the player can place up to $100 per spin. There is an auto spin option for players that like to preset the number of spins the game runs for. The auto spin can be stopped at any time and the player can revert to manually hitting the spin button.

Winning Payouts

The highest paying symbols in the game are the maiden, the knight and the horse. The maiden awards players 1000 coins when five appear on the screen, the knight awards players 750 coins for five symbols and the horse awards the player 750 coins also. The grail, that looks like a golden goblet, is the wild symbol. This wild symbol appears on each of the reels where it can substitute for other symbols and complete winning payouts by doing so. When the wild appears on reels 2, 3 or 4 with a maiden on 1 and a knight on 5 or a knight on 1 and a maiden on 5, the player is treated to the grail bonus. This awards the player 5 free spins during which all the grails remain on the screen expanded for the duration of the free spins. And the appearance of the maiden and knight in the correct positions rewards the player with an extra 5 free spins. The shield of the knight is the scatter symbol awarding players multiplying payouts of up to 50x the coin bet placed. Historical fun and rewarding free spins characterize this game that is a delight to play and can be very lucrative too.