Pay Day Slots

Pay Day Slots

Everyone waits for that all important day when the salary comes in and all the expenses of the month can be covered, and the bank account is looking healthy again. WGS technology, the creators of Pay Day slots know how important it is to get paid and have created a game where every day can be a Pay Day. WGS technology is best known for its slots games offering both three reel and five reel games that are filled with color and rewards. WGS provides slots for both online and mobile casinos. Pay Day slots is available to download, or players can access the game online through the web browser of the casino by clicking on the instant play button. The mobile casino game is available for both Android and Apple devices and players can enjoy the game on phones and tablets. The mobile casino game is played in the same way as the online casino game but with touch controls instead of using a mouse to control the game.

About Pay Day Slots

Pay Day slots is a classic slots game, meaning that is has three reels and just one payline. Players are able to place one, two or three coins per spin. Payouts are awarded according to the symbols that land on the payline and the number of coins that the player placed in bets. The symbols in the game include single bars, double bars, triple bars, sevens in pink and green and the Pay Day logo. The pay table for the game is located on a separate screen and players need to click on the pay table button in order to get to the pay table and learn all about the payouts. Players can try out this game in demo mode for as long as they want. There is an auto play button for players that want to preset the number of spins that the game runs for and players can also choose the bet max button that will bet the highest value bet for the player. Coin sizes range from $0.01 up to $10 and as mentioned, players can place one, two or three coins per spin.

Winning the Big Pay Day Payouts

The Pay Day logo is the highest paying symbol in this classic slots game and it is also the wild symbol. The Pay Day log is a smiling mand holding his cash. When one of the Pay Day logos appears on the payline with two other same symbols the logo is used to make up the winning payout and the payout is doubled. If two of the Pay Day logos appear on the screen, the player wins 4x the coin bet placed. Three of the Pay Day logos on the screen award the player the highest payout. With a single coin bet the player wins 800 coins, with a two coin bet, the player wins 1600 coins and with a three coin bet, the player wins 2500 coins. The next highest paying symbol is the green 7.

The Plus Points of Playing Pay Day Slots

Pay Day slots is a simple and easy game to play that has only one payline making it a classic game and one that is easy to master. Pay Day slots can be played online or through mobile devices at any time of the day or night and from any location offering some fantastic rewards and giving a wide range of options to players of all levels with many different budgets.