Triple 10x Wild Slots

Triple 10x Wild slots is one of the top three-reel slots games from WGS. WGS is a leading software company that creates online casino games for online and mobile casinos around the world. WGS was formally Vegas technology and is steeped in experience providing what the player needs and wants. Triple 10x Wild slots game has three reels and one payline. Players can enjoy the game in the fun format before placing real money bets. The player can place one, two or three coins per spin choosing different coin sizes based on the budget that he has available to him. Two Different Wilds and High Payouts The symbols in the game are all classic slots symbols in addition that include bars, sevens and cherries, in addition to a 3x wild and a 10x wild. Both of the wilds can replace other symbols in the game and create winning payouts by doing so. The appearance of the 10x wild on the screen and when used to complete a winning payout will multiply the winnings for that game 10x. When the 10x appears with a 3x, the winnings are multiplied 30x. The 3x wild on its own awards the player a 3x multiplier when it is used to make up a winning payout and when two of the 3x symbols appear on the payline, the player benefits from a 9x multiplier. The highest payout in the game is awarded for a payline holding a 3x, 3x and 10x. With a single coin bet and this configuration, the player can win 10000 coins. With a two-coin bet the player wins 20000 coins and with a three-coin bet the player wins 30000 coins. The next highest paying symbol is the red 7 that awards players 50 coins with a single bet and three appearing on the payline, a two-coin bet awards the player 100 coins and a three-coin bet awards the player 150 coins.

The Benefits of Playing Triple 10x Wild Slots

Triple 10x wild slots is a high paying game with plenty of opportunities for players when playing online and through mobile casinos giving them many chances to win on different platforms and plenty of fun. The game can be played in fun mode or for real money and it is available on three different platforms, it can be downloaded, it can be played in the fun format and it can be played on mobile devices. The mobile version of Triple 10x Wild Slots is available on both Android and Apple devices whether the player is using a smartphone or a tablet. The only difference from the online game when playing the mobile version is that the player uses touch and swipe controls instead of a mouse. Satisfaction and fun are definitely two of the best ways to describe this easy to play and potentially very rewarding slots game.