Triple Triple Gold Slots

Whenever there is gold in the title of a game, it can be guaranteed to be fun and also very profitable. The Triple Triple Gold slots game from WGS technology is one of the most exciting and rewarding slots games available today that has just three reels and one payline. WGS Technology are an experienced and well-run software company that have years of experience in the gaming industry and offer players endless hours of fun with their existing games and plenty new games added on a regular basis. Triple Triple Gold slots is a three-reel game that has just one payline. Players can try out the game in demo mode before placing real money bets and this gives them an opportunity to get to know the game and understand how it works.

About the Game

As the title of the game offers, Triple Triple Gold has plenty of gold in it together with other classic slots symbols that contribute to the winning payouts in the game. Above the three reels and payline of the game, players can see the pay table detailing all of the winning options. After playing the demo mode for some time, players can switch to the real money mode during which they can choose to place one, two or three coins per spin. The choice of coin size is totally up to the player and his personal budget. Players can choose between $0.01 up to $10 per coin size with the maximum bet per spin being $30. There is an auto play option for players that want to preset the number of spins the game runs for and this can be set for up to 100 spins and the player can stop it at any time and revert to manually hitting the spin button.

Winning Payouts

The pay table details all of the winning payouts offered in the game with the symbols that include sevens, triple bars, double bars, single bars and cherries. The highest payout symbol is the triple triple gold bars that also act as a wild symbol. One of these appearing on a payline with two other symbols the same will award the player 9x the coin bet placed. Two of the triple triple gold symbols on the payline awards the player 81x the coin bet placed. And three of the triple triple gold symbols on the screen awards the player with huge payouts based on the number of coins bet. A single coin bet will award the player 5000 coins, a two-coin bet awards the player 10000 coins and a three-coin bet awards the player 15000 coins with three of the triple triple gold symbols on the screen. The second highest payout is awarded for three of the red sevens appearing on the payline. With a single coin bet, the player wins 60 coins, with a two-coin bet the player wins 120 coins and with a three-coin bet the player wins 180 coins.

The Benefits of Playing Triple Triple Gold Slots

Triple Triple Gold slots is an incredible basic slots game that offers the player much more than basic payouts. With a huge multiplying wild up to 81x and the ability to win up to 15000 coins in one bet with a three-coin bet, the game offers enormous payouts. And in addition to the great payouts, players can enjoy this game online and through mobile devices at any time of the day or night. It is a convenience and easy game to play that offers so much to the player in addition to the pure enjoyment and easy layout of the game.