It's Not Only Slots that Pay Big at Bovada Casino

The extremely popular US flash and mobile casino Bovada provides the action in abundance and this cool place to get your fill of the fun is no stranger to dishing out the huge iOS and Android slots wins, however there's so much more than slots available, and it's not only those slots that can pay out the windfalls, as one Texas Bovada player discovered.

Player Jonathan B enjoys a game of Caribbean Hold'em which is based on stud poker and is available in both Bovada mobile and flash casinos, and when he took to the table recently, he scored a beauty of a win, a storming $119,348 progressive jackpot that he'll never forget. Jonathan took his seat and placed a $25 ante bet to get his cards dealt and when he received the Ace and 10 of diamonds he liked what he saw and upped his bet to $50, having already placed a $1 wager as a progressive jackpot side bet, and he couldn't believe what happened next.

He really did hit the big time as when the flop came it was everything he could have wished for with the dealer serving up the Jack, Queen and King of diamonds meaning that without even needing to see the final two cards he´d created the highest possible hand, that of a royal flush. His wager was of course a winner and because of the $1 side bet he also triggered the Bovada Caribbean Hold'em progressive jackpot, providing him with an amazing win of almost $120K.

That really is a sweet win and we can only imagine how great he felt when those cards hit the felt, and we hope he enjoys his big Bovada payday. There's never a guarantee of a win but you can have plenty of fun trying and getting your new casino account opened is such an easy task, whether you do that on your home PC or your mobile device, and the excellent Bovada welcome bonus makes sure that you have a fully loaded account to hit the slots and the games of your choice, and you just never know when lady luck is about to work her casino magic.