Bovada Casino Leaderboards

You may have seen leaderboards at several online casinos. Some you may find on the main page or inside the pages of the casino. Bovada Casino has taken the leaderboards to a new level. When you join, to the right of the main page you will find Leaderboards that offer games scheduled to begin at a certain time.

How Does it Work?

First, join Bovada Casino and visit the Leaderboards page or use the Leaderboards tool to view and join upcoming events. Next, once you have joined a Leaderboard, select the play button to open the game in the leaderboard mode. Finally, play your favorite game. The leaderboard tool will track your rank as you play. You'll be rewarded with leaderboard points, in addition to your regular in-game wins. Earn enough points and you'll get a prize!

Leaderboard Prizes, Conditions, and Rankings


Prizes vary from leaderboard to leaderboard. You can always view the prizes available in the schedule listing for all events. Or you can click on 'View Prizes' in the leaderboard tool, when the event has already started. Prizes are always awarded in addition to your in-game wins. Everything you earn while competing is still yours to keep!


Every leaderboard has different conditions that need to be met. For example; some slot game leaderboards may require you to make a minimum 200 spins for you to qualify. To view the conditions for an event, simply click on the 'details' tab for the event listed.


You can track your ranking in the leaderboard tool while an event is happening. Final rankings will be available in the Casino Leaderboards page for one day after an event has finished.

Join Bovada Casino and see your name listed at the top of the Leaderboard!