Zappit Blackjack Mobile

Bovada Mobile Casino may well be known for their dazzling array of online slots however adding to that wonderful mix is an all new blackjack version called Zappit Blackjack. Zappit Blackjack gives players of this classic casino table game the opportunity to get rid of hand they just don’t like the look of and replace them with brand new cards. Should you be dealt a 15,16 or 17 as your starting cards, then as quick as a flash you may hit that Zap button and get those cards replaced with new ones! This makes Zappit Blackjack so fast and furious which is simply perfect for mobile play.

The aim of Zappit Blackjack is exactly the same as regular 6 deck blackjack and that is of course to beat the dealer by getting as close to 21 as possible without going over, however there are just a few rule changes that even the game out a little.

Firstly, Aces and ten cards will not be paid as blackjack, you will still of course win the hand should the dealer have under 21, but there is no special blackjack payment. There is also a rule that means should the dealer bust with a 22 then that hand is considered a push and your bet will be returned, and while that sounds very harsh it is done to balance out the odds as the fact that you may get rid of bad hands in the first place really does give the player an advantage. Other rules are similar in that players may split hands up to 3 times, but when splitting Aces only 1 card will be dealt.

The minimum wager when playing Zappit Blackjack mobile is just $1 and we can see plenty of mobile blackjack players in the US really enjoying this one. The fact that you may exchange those poor hands at the start of play really does put a great twist on things and boosts winning opportunities no end. Don’t forget that new players at Bovada Mobile casino will get a stunning $1,000 table games bonus which gives them an even better chance of beating the dealer when playing the awesome Zappit Blackjack.