Enjoy Casino Betting with Bitcoin

Are you new to Bitcoin? You’re familiar with the name no doubt, as this is the most famous of all cryptocurrencies online today (and there are plenty of those).

Some people often use Bitcoin online, while others never use it. Yet it has become a popular payment method at online casinos. There are several reasons for this. We’re going to discuss some of the main ones here.

Deposit faster than ever before

When you’re ready to play some casino games with real wagers, you want to get on with it. But you’ll need to deposit some cash first, of course. Depending on the method you choose, it may take a while to receive the deposit into your casino account. However, with Bitcoin, you can expect it to turn up in just a few minutes.

Enjoy faster withdrawals too

These are usually more noticeable in terms of speed when compared to deposits. Have you noticed that it could take days and maybe even a week or more to receive your cash if you ask for a withdrawal from a casino?

That is a common scenario, yet Bitcoin deposits are usually much faster. They can vary between casinos, of course, so it is always a good idea to check average withdrawal times. However, we’ve noticed that rather than taking days or longer, you can expect withdrawal times to be within hours – and sometimes sooner.

Play all your favorite casino games

Bitcoin players don’t have limited access to the available casino games on any site. They get the chance to play all the games everyone else can play too. You might have seen Bitcoin-driven casinos where the bets are listed in mBTC. However, if you are at a regular casino, coins for the games are usually listed in your local currency. Bitcoin deposits convert to show the latest rates.

Watch for Bitcoin bonuses as well

Could it get any better? Some casinos specialize in supplying their players with Bitcoin bonuses. For example, Café Casino welcomes deposits via Bitcoin. They even treat new depositors to a bigger welcome bonus. Regular players receive 250% on top of their deposit, whereas those using Bitcoin for that first deposit get a boosted 350% bonus instead. They have a higher ceiling on the maximum amount of bonus cash they can claim too.

So, you can see that there are lots of excellent reasons why you might want to begin playing casino games with Bitcoin deposits. If you’ve never used this virtual currency, don’t worry. Café Casino is set up to cater for those who are new to cryptocurrencies. You’ll find plenty of information on their website, helping you understand what Bitcoin is, how you can get some, and how you can deposit with it.