Emu Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

Emu Casino is a very straightforward online gambling hub that doesn't waste any time with any fancy theming. The casino gets straight to the point with a black box that displays an offer of 500 free spins with no deposit required. The trade-off is registering for an account and probably being put on a mailing list, but that's not really a bad thing if you already like the casino. If you are looking for a better welcome bonus though, try putting in your email address for the free spins and clicking accept to proceed to the next page. Once there a user can hover over the close button and possibly trigger a 280% deposit bonus if using Zelle Wallet. The casino then makes one more attempt to seduce you into registering by offering a $300 sign- up bonus. Beware though. Things are not what they seem with this website.

Getting transferred to a sister casino

While Emu Casino is bland and very straightforward in nature, thisisvegas.com blows your mind with beautiful colors and great graphics. The user somehow gets transferred to the other site after signing up for one of the welcome bonuses. This is where you are met with even more special offers, which we really don't have time to get into. Just be aware that when you venture to Emu Casino, there is a good chance of being transferred somewhere else. Also, be aware that the offers you got at Emu Casino might not carry forward. That's why you're probably going to want to avoid this place at all costs. Not only is that due to the possibility of being outright robbed of your money, but also due to getting transferred somewhere else so quickly. There's so much shadiness with this site that it's hard to take seriously.

Final thoughts on Emu Casino.

We don't feel it's right to list any no-deposit bonus codes due to how nontransparent the site was for us. For what it's worth, this casino is ranked 6.5 on Askgamblers.com and is touted for its fast withdrawals. That is not what we experienced though and we felt the responsibility to talk about that. Please take these comments with a grain of salt and do your own research. That is probably the only way to come to an unbiased decision on whether to give it a chance. Our experience was very uncomfortable though. The redirect to another casino just made it seem like something was up from the very beginning. Once you reach the new site and realize that there's no mention of your bonus offers or anything else, you just feel outright scammed.