JackMillion Casino

Jack Million was established several years ago and since then has taken over as one of the leading casinos online around the world. The site is well-known for offering access to quality software and a good mix of games, but is it worth playing at? Below we go into details about all the perks and downsides of being a member of the casino. Keep reading and learn exactly what you can expect from the site.

Casino software

Jack Million casino is built on top of software by Realtime Gaming. This well-known software offers smooth gameplay and a good mix of different games to pick from. This is just one of the reasons that gamblers enjoy their time at Jack Million. There are dozens of different games to choose from all from this same developer, and many of the games feature new or innovative features to help keep gamblers captivated. It’s hard not to be excited about all of these benefits as a gambler looking at Jack Million casino as the next place to play.

An Exciting and Functional Casino Lobby

Jack Million has a pretty vibrant lobby with a bunch of colorful symbols and graphics to see on the different sections when you visit the website. Players can easily see all the different features that the site has to offer just by visiting and looking through the lobby home page. Not only is that possible, but it’s also possible to see the different games and to get familiar with the types available. With all of these different features available through menus on the lobby home page, its simple to learn more about the casino and to decide if the games are worth playing or not.

Can Gamblers from Around the World enjoy Jack Million?

Yes and no. Most players at Jack Million are free to join and experience all the different features that the casino has to offer. That doesn’t mean that everyone has that right though. There are a couple countries that are restricted from accessing the casino. These include the USA, the UK and Israel. Players from these countries will have to go to a different casino instead. The rest of the world can sign up freely and enjoy all the different features offered by the casino.

Hundreds of Different Casino Games

As a member of Jack Million there are hundreds of different casino games to pick and choose from. Most of which are different slot games. There are slots, table games, video poker games, scratch card games and specialty games to choose from. Gamblers that enjoy slots will like the classic slots, the standard video poker games and all the different progressive jackpot slots that pay out tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to a few lucky winners. There are popular games like Bubble Bubble, Cash Bandits and Asgard to choose from among the slot games. There is a good selection of table games as well as many others to select from as well to keep gamblers busy over the long term.

A Generous Selection of Slots

Slot games are arguably the most important type of game at Jack Million the online casino. That’s because there are hundreds of different slots and they come in many different forms. There are slots with just three reels that are designed for a classic play experience. These slots don’t offer jackpots as big as the others and as many bonus opportunities, but they are simple and enjoyable to play. There are also video slot games and progressive jackpot slots at Jack Million. The video slots have bigger jackpot prize payouts and more bonus features to watch for. The progressive jackpot slot games are much the same as the video slots, but they are designed to pay out even more by giving out huge jackpot prizes that simply can’t be matched by other casinos.

Testing Games for Free

As is the case with many of the modern-day online casinos available, such as Jack Million, it’s possible to test out the many different games in the library of games for free. Players can quickly go through the different options on their own and start playing the games whenever they like without having to register for an account. That makes it simple to start testing out the different features offered by the casino games and to decide on games to play for real money when the time comes to do so.

Starting with Real Money Wagering Easily

After getting used to the different games offered by the casino through the free play demo mode, it’s possible to start playing for real money quickly and easily. The process to begin wagering at the casino is to visit the website and click on the Login button and then click on the Sign Up button that appears on the bottom of the form. Now fill out the rest of your information on the forms and complete the registration process. From there, simply verify your email address, sign into your new account and make a deposit. Now you are ready to begin wagering for real money and making the most of your new casino membership.

Regular New Slot Updates

New slots are added on a regular basis to help keep things fresh. Members of the casino that enjoy testing out new games will come to appreciate the frequent updates and the modern library of games. That means that players can easily swap between different games and test out options they have never tried before, even if they played through all the existing games in the library. Because this large casino gets updates frequently it’s easy to try out new games on a monthly basis.

Several Key Promotions

There are a few important promotional offers available to all the players at Jack Million. Gamblers on the site can unlock a deposit bonus worth up to $500 on each of your two initial deposits. The match bonus is just 50%, but many high rollers won’t have an issue maxing out the bonus offer anyway. If that’s not enough there is also a special game of the month promotion. Every month a specific game is selected to be the game of the month. The chosen game pays out three times the standard amount in Comp Points. These points apply to the VIP program and can help players unlock special rewards while also helping them to reach higher tier levels in the loyalty program. Long-term players can climb through the four different ranks of the VIP program while unlocking special prizes, additional perks and other benefits that keeps them coming back for more.

VIP Slot Tournaments

Members of the VIP program at Jack Million have access to the different slot tournaments offered on the site. These special tournaments allow gamblers to go up against one another in select slot games every month. The players can try to unlock additional prizes and rewards by being the best in a slot game and making it to the top of the leaderboard. This takes a great deal of luck and consistency, but it’s an exciting experience for slot gamblers that most players will shoot for as members of the casino.

Casino Payouts for Many Reasons

There are many different ways to unlock special rewards and prize payouts at Jack Million casino. There are standard slot games, table games and other game types to choose from as a player. There are also progressive jackpot games with prizes worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. These special games can make players rich if they are lucky enough to win the big jackpot. Along with all the different games, there are also promotional offers and special tournament prize payouts to try for. Between all these different reward opportunities it’s easy to unlock some sort of bonus or prize payout as a member of Jack Million casino, and that’s just another reason to want to come and play on the site.

Long Term VIP Rewards

Players that stick with the casino will unlock increasing rewards from the casino’s VIP program. These gamblers can gain access to special tournaments, earn bonus cash over time and enjoy special deposit and withdrawal perks that other gamblers simply don’t get. The benefits of being a long-time member of the casino make it more enjoyable to try for and should help to keep gamblers motivated as well.

Mobile Players Wager Easily

As a mobile player looking for an online casino to call home it’s exciting to see casinos like Jack Million out there. The site makes it very easy to wager online using a tablet or a smartphone. The site offers instant-play games to choose from and all of these different games will run in the web browser of most mobile devices. There is no software download to think about, and instead players can just open the browser and begin playing. It’s a quick process and a simple one to enjoy the full features of the casino website while on the go.

A Web Browser Casino App

Many casinos have software that they require players to download to play, but Jack Million has a web-browser based app instead. That means that gamblers only need to sign into their account using a web browser to play at the casino. There are no downloads to worry about and it’s simple for nearly everyone to use the services of the casino. Getting started only takes a moment and even mobile players can access the features of Jack Million and start playing quickly.

Cannot Play without Registration

With some online casinos it’s possible to test out the different games without going through the registration process. At Jack Million that isn’t the case. Instead, gamblers must go through the registration process. They don’t have to make a real money deposit to start testing out games, but they do have to be members and signed in to be able to access those games. Gamblers interested in testing things out at the site still have to take the time to go through registration to begin playing.

Get Going Immediately with Instant Play

It takes no time at all to begin wagering at Jack Million casino as a gambler at the site. That’s because it supports instant play. Gamblers can sign into their new accounts in a web browser and immediately start loading up games. There aren’t software downloads to worry about, which is a good thing for most players.

Become an Affiliate with AffiliSTARS

Jack Million along with four other online casinos are all represented by the AffiliSTARS affiliate program. The program offers up to a 50% revenue share and it gives marketers benefits for bringing in sub-affiliates as well. Any serious casino marketers can earn excellent profits with the company and it offers many different casinos to market as well, making it easier to generate commissions effectively.

No Sports Betting Support

Jack Million doesn’t offer any form of sports betting to its players. Gamblers that are members of the site that enjoy sports wagering have to go to a different source in order to place those wagers.

No Casino Blog or Forum

Some casinos offer blogs or forums that their members can go to get information about what is happening at the casino. Jack Million isn’t one of those casinos. Instead, players can look at the messages on the home page of the casino website and read through the promotions page. Each of these locations offers insights into what the casino is working on and the changes that it has made.

No Live Dealer Games

Live dealer table games are an exciting idea for many gamblers because it puts players face-to-face with a real dealer as they wager. It’s not a feature that’s offered at Jack Million though. Instead, players can pick from one of the many different standard table games available on the site. They might not be quite as interactive, but they offer a good range of wagering opportunities and should appeal to most players on the site.

Banking Methods Supported

As a player at the casino you’ll have to get comfortable with the different banking methods offered. That’s something to consider as a new player and something that long-time gamblers are very familiar with. Both Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards are supported by the casino. Along with those Skrill is a supported eWallet service and so is Neteller. If those aren’t enough players can also leverage paysafecard and Bitcoin to make deposits. All these different tools make moving money around at the casino simple and they mean that gamblers can very easily get their money where they want it.

Bitcoin Support

Even though there aren’t any Bitcoin specific bonus opportunities at Jack Million, players at the casino using Bitcoin are free to make use of all the different bonus offers that they qualify for. Bitcoin is a supported deposit and withdrawal method, and is the banking tool of choice to all the players that want to maintain their privacy over time.

Getting Help at Jack Million

Many players wager at Jack Million without ever having any trouble, but there’s always a first time to have an issue, and when you do it’s easy to seek out help with your problem. That’s because the casino is always available through a dedicated help phone line. There is also a live chat tool that players can make use of at any hour to reach out for help. Along with those two options there is also a support email that can be used to get help with common issues. With all the different help tools it’s easy to request help with issues and to resolve most problems at Jack Million.

Jack Million is a high-quality online casino that gives gamblers a huge range of games to choose from when they start wagering online. The site is home to a good mix of promotions that always seem to be available and it has a solid VIP program as well. It pays to play at Jack Million and that’s why so many gamblers are still members today.