Diamond Mine Slots

When playing slots, I find that if they have unique features they tend to be more fun. I am happy to introduce Diamond Mine Slots, a game that is loads of fun because of one special feature - the jackpot reels. Although I have never seen or played a slot like this one before, it can be addictive. The features in this game are absolutely awesome, and thanks to RTG, this is one heck of a lucrative slot game.

About the Game

Diamond Mine Slots is a 5-reel, 18-payline slot. The highest coin value is 5 coins or $2, and the max bet is $180 per spin. Once you set your coin value, I direct your attention to the pay table where all of the symbols will change values depending upon how much you bet. On the first page of the pay table, you will see at the bottom the word Winnings x. When you set the winnings from 1 to 5, you will notice that the value of the symbols increase. If you set it at 5, the Diamond Wild symbol will pay out $12,500 as opposed to $2500 when you get all five. So this is the first step you need to take. As for the slot itself, at the bottom of the slot the buttons are a bit different. You can also change the number of coins bet by click on the STEP button. If you wish to bet the max, click on the MAX button. Now below each reel, you will see 0.00. Below that you will see a message that says Win the Reel Jackpots with Rock Symbols. Thus, each time Rock symbols appear on any pay line, the amount will be shown at the bottom of each reel. There is an Auto Play and the Question Mark is how you can access the pay table. I highly recommend you read it.

The Symbols ROCK in this Game!

As you know, I am not fond of card symbols, but in this slot game they really do pay out handsomely. Moreover, the symbols are fantastic, as they pay lucratively as well. In fact, if you should land an A, K, Q, J, and 10 on the reels, a straight in any order, you win.

The Diamond is the Wild symbol and as I mentioned will pay out the highest amount when you get all five. It will also increase your winning combinations during game play. From reel 2 onwards, the Wild Diamond has its own payouts. If you get a Pitchfork and Shovel, you will win 2xs your bet; get the Miners Hat to win 2xs your bet; and get the Pair of Boots to win 2xs your bet. The Scatter is the Dynamite symbol. When they appear in any position, you will win the following: 2 symbols = 2xs your bet; 3 symbols = 5xs your bet; 4 symbols = 20xs your bet; and 5 symbols = 100xs your bet.

Free Spins Round

The Miner is the key to winning the free spins round. To win the round, you need to get the following: 2 Miner symbols = 2 free spins; 3 Miner symbols = 5 free spins; 4 Miner symbols = 20 free spins; and 5 Miner symbols = 100 free spins. The amount of spins and wins will be shown at the top of the slot.

Bonus Symbols and Round

There are two Bonus symbols in this game: The first is the Map and when you get 3 or more of this symbol on adjacent reels, the bonus round will commence. There are multipliers in the bonus round as well as a Double option available if you wish to double your wins. The second Bonus symbol is the Miner's Cart filled with gems. When you get 3 of this symbol on adjacent reels, another Bonus round will begin. There will also be multipliers in this round as well as the Double option.

The FUN Reel Jackpot

Each reel will have its own jackpot. The Rocks (or Jewels) as they are called can increase each reel amount as shown at the bottom of each reel. These jewels can also turn the reel they appear on into a bonus reel with winning and non-winning symbols. If the Bonus reel stops on a winning symbol, you will win the jackpot for that reel. The Pink Diamond Jackpot symbol will win the amount shown at the bottom of any reel. The rocks are non-winning symbols. The more coins you bet, the more winning symbols will appear on the Bonus reel.


It seems as if I was winning every spin of the reels. I won the free spins round three times, and the bonus round as well. Each of my reels totaled more than $100…and the bonus round allows you to choose among the 12 containers to collect bonus multipliers. I won 16xs multipliers and based on my max bet of $180, I won $2880.00. To double my amount, I was taken to a second screen where the cart holding the jewels appeared among a myriad of tracks. The cart runs along the tracks and if they reach the three "double" sings, you can double your bet. Again, Diamond Mine is now on my favorites list, and I highly recommend you play it today.