Egyptian Gold Slots

Egyptian Gold Slots

Even if you've only ever played a handful of online slot games, we bet you've played one based on or around ancient Egypt before. It's such a huge theme, you'll easily find dozens of slots using it for inspiration.

And here we have Egyptian Gold, another title to add to that category. Will it be the best of the available titles under that heading, or will it leave us wanting more? It's time to find out the answer.

Who created the Egyptian Gold slot game?

This is from Spin Logic Gaming, known formerly as Realtime Gaming.

You do get the opportunity to try a practice version first

Make sure you take advantage of this, as it gives you insight into just how it all works. There's a demo budget to use as well.

The theme doesn't spring any major surprises

Sometimes you might find a slot based in ancient Egypt that gives you a few curveballs to contend with. Here, though, that's not the case.

The design makes the most of the golden element

You can bet you'll see lots of Egyptian imagery here, but there is a fair splash of gold involved as well. The overall appearance is one that suits the theme without being too garish.

Let's get to the basics of this slot game

If you want to know how Egyptian Gold works, start here. It offers five reels and goes for three symbols on each. If you're keen to play for jackpots, there are four on the left of the game screen.

The wild is a familiar sight as a pyramid. This says WILD underneath the pyramid to make it even easier to see. You'll spot another labeled symbol too, this one saying BONUS. It does indeed take on that role, but it's a scatter icon. The Egyptian eye is watching you in this case.

Paylines replaced by way wins

The 5 x 3 format gives the maximum of 243 way wins for this game.

How much does it cost to play Egyptian Gold slots?

The cheapest spin wager requires 30 cents to play. If you head for the most expensive bet, you'll part with $15 per spin. Make sure you're happy with your chosen bet before you hit spin.

It takes only a second or two to find the paytable

This lies to the far left side of the control panel beneath the reels, so it's a simple act to find it.

Expect lots of bonus features in Egyptian Gold

Look out for the pyramid wild symbol to appear on the middle reel. This causes it to expand, but it also enlarges reels two, three, and four. This means you get an enhanced 576 ways to win for that spin, and you'll have four pyramid wilds on reel three.

You might see a scarab beetle scuttling into view after you spin the reels. You might then find an expanded wild on one of those middle reels. The selected reel would then expand to four icons and 324 total ways to find a prize.

The beetle may decide to give you the free spin bonus round instead, which you can read about in the next section. Another possibility is that the beetle will introduce random wilds on the reels. And as if that wasn't enough, this busy beetle might decide to give a respin. There are suggestions that you might receive a good prize from this respin too.

Finally, the scarab beetle may take you through to the best round of all - the jackpot round. This reveals 12 symbols, and you must choose some until you reveal three identical jackpot names. You'll then receive that jackpot. So, if you do reach this feature, get ready for a cool prize.

How do the Egyptian Gold free spins work?

As we found out above, you may find the scarab beetle lets you straight into this round. If not, you need three of those bonus icons to reach it by your own efforts.

Either way, you have three possibilities to choose from. You can choose five games with an expanded wild on the middle reel. You also get four icons on each of the middle reels rather than three, bringing you more paylines. Alternatively, you could go for eight spins with an expanded wild across four positions on reel two, three, or four per spin. Finally, you could go for the maximum of 10 spins, with these bringing a standard 2x multiplier along with any winnings gained from finding an expanded wild in the prize amount.

RTP details are absent as usual for this developer

Our advice is to check the information provided by the casino you intend to play Egyptian Gold slots at.

How high can we take our rating for the Egyptian Gold slot game?

We can give this one a healthy score of 9/10, thanks to all those neat features. Even the free spin round provides three possibilities. Add the scarab beetle random features and a chance of a jackpot, and you can see this is a busy game.

We'll let you know of any future jackpot winners

We guess finding your way into the jackpot bonus feature is the toughest task of all when playing this game. If anyone does make it through, we'll let you know what they won when they got there.

Play for some Egyptian entertainment today

There is a lot involved in this game, and it's certainly one that makes the most sense of a longer stint playing the demo game.

Check your wagers before betting for real

If you do decide to switch to the real version, check you are happy with your bet before spinning those reels for real.

What about playing on mobile devices?

You can do this too, so unleash the power of ancient Egypt via your Android device or iOS device today.