Miami Jackpots Slots

Want to escape to the white sandy beaches of Miami and enjoy everything the vibrant nightlife has to offer? Miami Jackpots slots give users the chance to experience all that and so much more. The game features a 5×3 reel with 20 fixed pay lines to win on in what looks like a mythical nighttime landscape. The colors are a mix of neon and blue, which just fit the vibe perfectly. Once you have a look around, you will find that there is a jackpot meter on the left side of the screen. This goes from 1$ to $2000 if you happen to land the jackpot symbols. If you are looking for more action, click the change button towards the middle of the screen and see all the jackpots double! Higher risk equals higher rewards and doubling up your bet allows you to enjoy this feature. If anyone wants to know more about the game, you can find it at the bottom left of the screen on the information table. There is even an auto-spin feature that gives users the chance to walk away from their screen or do something else while it spins for them. Make sure to check back on it from time to time though

Design and tiles on Miami Jackpots Slots

The tiles in this game are absolutely trippy and perfectly match the vibe this game is going for. These include retro-looking skates, a nice big boom box, some beguilingly beautiful women, and some headphones. Another thing that adds to the vibe is the little animations between spins. They actually make winning money more fun. It's like a little celebration, complete with lights and a nice big counter of the money won. The background of the game itself is very relaxing and enchanting at the same time. It has several palm trees, rooftops, and even a translucent-looking dance floor toward the bottom of the page. This casino really commits to its theme and deserves a lot of credit for that.

Jackpot and betting range at Miami Jackpots slots

This game has a lot of good news and bad news to it. The good news is that there are varying jackpots worth different amounts of money. Remember, you can double the jackpots on the left by clicking the change button on the lower right-hand side next to the plus sign. The only problem is that the maximum bet is $5 dollars and a minimum of 0.25 cents. While that's not the best betting range, a user can still come away with 50,000x as their max bet. This could be anywhere from $12500 to $250,000 and that's not even including the jackpots on the left. Those can be triggered by landing three jackpot symbols during any spin in the game. Scatters also act as a wild and can help complete combos on the board. This is a lot of fun features to play with and should have users coming back for more. The betting range not giving users the ability to play how they want is the only shortcoming though.

Final thoughts on Jackpot Slots Casino

This is a fun game. The graphics are trippy, the jackpots are mouth-watering and the extra features are cool to play with. If you are a jackpot hunter and looking for a challenge, this would be one to try for yourself. Why waste time on other slot machines when the big jackpots are right here?