Bubble Bubble 3 Slots

Bubble Bubble 3 is a slot machine game powered by Real time gaming that brings a whole new meaning to sexy spooky. The game is themed around three witches, who you find at various points throughout your playthrough. One of them will be sitting on their broom seductively in a low-cut dress. Just waiting for you to spin the wheel and get the festivities started. The background is an interesting mix of dark blues and purples. The machine itself is made out of cobblestones and looks to be the entrance to a graveyard. If that doesn't give you shivers from the jump. There are all kinds of spooky tiles, including an evil mushroom, a mysterious blue potion, a book with tentacles coming out of it, and a cauldron. These are the tiles you would need to match up in order to win the jackpot or get any of the free spins. It is also worth mentioning that the witches are tiles on the board and have some very sexy dresses on when you find them. If that's your kind of thing, give it a go! This just proves that there is truly a game for everyone. Please remember to always look at the information page located at the bottom left of the page. There is also an autoplay feature that allows you to keep spinning while you do something else. What kind of betting range and special features does it have though?

Betting range, jackpot, and special features

Bubble Buble Three might have the theming down to a science, but does it deliver on gameplay and betting range? Remember the three sexy witches we mentioned earlier? Their names are Willow, Wanda, and Ginni. Willow and Wanda will appear on line 1 and on reel 5 respectively. Ginny can only be summoned by the Winni Returns feature. Otherwise, she just stares at you on your broomstick waiting for you to trigger the feature. These witches can be used to substitute other tiles on the board and could lead to winning a lump sum of money. As for the betting range, users can bet between 50 cents and 12.50 cents. That might not be the biggest jackpot on the internet, but it is definitely worth sticking around and playing for. What about the jackpot though? Is it worth sticking around for too? It very much is, as you can win up to $625,000 and that's not even including the free spin features. These will help you rack up all kinds of winnings if you get lucky enough! The beguiling witches will help you out with that, but you'll have to do some of the work yourself. The game consists of a 5×3 reel, with 50 pay lines to win on! That's a lot of chances to win.

Final thoughts on Bubble Bubble 3

This game has a little something for everyone. It has three beautiful witches in revealing clothing, a jackpot that some can only dream of, and a plethora of free spin features to keep it exciting. Even if it isn't Halloween or spooky season, this is a game that is worth taking for a spin. If not for the laughs alone. Get some of your friends around to see the spectacle that is Bubble Bubble three. Or even the rest of the Bubble Bubble Series. It is very much worth taking a look at.