Princess Warrior Slots

Princess Warrior slots is a machine game powered by real-time gaming that is very much a mixed bag. While the title, Princess Warrior slots might sound exciting, it becomes less so once you start to see the real presentation. The first thing users will probably notice is the loading screen, which lets them know that there are 40 pay lines to win on. Despite that very enchanting promise and the Princess Warrior on the side for good measure, this is where the immersion ends. The screen's background looks borderline lazy and hard to make out. It just looks like a bunch of poorly made-clouds. Once you reach the main game page, you will see a 5×3 reel and what looks like some mountains in the background. The tiles look very poorly done and the background is bland at best. This game just isn't doing anything to play up its theme and it's a disappointing start to the game. How is anyone supposed to take this game seriously with the kind of graphics they are being shown? The game seems to be running so poorly that it isn't showing a spin button anymore. What kind of features does it have though?

No betting range, features or mini-games

Maybe this is just the free version of the game, but there are no buttons to be seen on the screen. The reel is there. So are the makeshift mountains and clouds. The usual interface is completely absent, however. This is to the point where you have to spin the wheel by pressing the space key button. There is no way to increase or decrease your bet, change the number of lines, or even reach an information page to check out the features. It just seems to be completely broken at this point. The machine does offer a major jackpot and a mini jackpot, which can be found at the top left and top right of the screen. Unfortunately for the game, that isn't enough to save it from its unplayable state, and poor theming. There is just no reason to waste your money on this game. No matter how many supposed jackpots it has. Playing slots online has a major trust integrated into it. You have to have some kind of good feeling about where you're playing. Or what you're playing. This game just doesn't pass that vibe check in any way possible. It's a mess and not worth anyone's time.