Legend of Helios Slots

In times of old, the ancient Greeks would call upon the gods and goddesses of forces like love, beauty, rain and luck to guide them on their journey through life. So when you want good fortune to shine upon you, doesn't it make sense to draw upon the forces of Helios, the god of the sun? Helios and several other Greek gods and goddesses will be a part of your journey as you search for your own luck in the Legend of Helios Slots.

Helios and Friends

The sun god himself rules over the Legend of Helios slots, a game that draws upon ancient Greek wisdom to give you a fun gaming experience. You don't have to like Greek mythology to like this slot game but you will see some family images and art, graphic designs that definitely bring to mind the classic artworks of that ancient era.

The more you play, the more you'll be drawn into this beautiful world that is full of golden Greek statues, familiar letters and of course, the gods and goddesses themselves.

The Look

The symbols and images are colorful and the graphics show you when you've won and how much you've won. Secret symbols flip over sometimes to reveal images. When the images match, you win.

The Gameplay

Legends of Helios is a five-reel slot game, so there are a lot of pictures and a lot of action to follow while you're playing the game. This increases the excitement and heightens the thrill of winning. There's also a free spin award that appears sometimes to give you even more chances to win. The free spin is a mini-game that allows you to increase your chances to win.

Taking Control

Choose from two speeds, regular and fast, to increase the action or slow things down as needed.

You can also set the reels to spin automatically. Let them turn on their own 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 times. Not enough? Hit the infinity symbol and the reels will keep on turning until you run out of money.

Why Play Legend of Helios Slots?

If you like the fun, the action, the speed and the excitement of slots, you will find plenty of reasons to like Legend of Helios slots. This game captures all the familiar elements of slot games that people like and puts them together in one action-packed game...complete with ancient gods and goddesses.