Wynloch Keep Slots

Wynloch Keep Slots is a game that invites you to fight for your fortune. Those are some bold words to hit you within the opening moments of a game, but it really does a lot to entice you. The idea of fighting for your fortune is the thing that every gambler dream of and this game just instantly taps into that desire. The slots also do a great job of mixing things up. While the original wheel is a 5×3 with 15 pay lines, a special feature allows the reels to expand to 30 pay lines. That's why the longer play sessions are probably going to be the ones that get rewarded the most. Not only is that evident by the free spins, and multiplier feature, but also due to the expanding reels. This allows you double the chances to win and that's something that users are going to want to try out.

Mixed feelings on WynLoch Keeps Slots themeing

It's no secret that gaming themes are important, which is why it's kind of disappointing to see why what Wynloch Keep slots does with theirs. The game tries to devote the whole screen to the background and it takes away from the reel. Keep in mind that most machine games find a way to work the reel into the theme, but there is no attempt at that here. Instead, there is just a massive castle in the background of the screen, a vast purplish sky, and a see-through reel plopped in the middle. Why they didn't find a way to theme the reel design around the subject matter is kind of jarring. It just feels like they didn't go all the way with it. The background is pretty cool at first look, but you will quickly realize that it is in no way interactive. That's just another thing that takes away from the immersion of the experience. What also takes away from it is the fact that the tiles are tiny and so are the buttons to spin or use the machine. It looks minimalistic at best and just reminds you that there are better games to lay.

The betting range is not what you would expect

Betting ranges are also an important part of slot machines and that is another place where Wynloch Keep slots fail miserably. The game only allows you to bet between $25-100. This leaves users spending a minimum of 25 dollars at a time and that's not going to be economically feasible for everyone. That's also going to create a big barrier to entry that will turn some betters off. The betters that aren't turned away likely risk more than can afford to and that's just not a good image for this slot machine game. It's very much a high-risk and high-reward kind of game. That might sound beguiling to some that want to go jackpot hunting, but it's bad for those will less disposable income. If you are one of those people, please consider a game with a lower barrier to entry.

Final thoughts on Wynloch Keep slots

There are better games out there that won't have the same visual laziness or insanely high minimum bet. The game sounds fun at first with the fighting for fortune part, but the game falls down a cliff from there. The extra features just aren't enough to carry this thing, even if you have an expanding wheel of 30 pay lines. It's not worth 25 bucks per spin or the maximum of 100.