Vegas XL Slots

Vegas XL Slots is a machine game powered by Red dog gaming that will have you feeling like you are somewhere else. . The game features a colorful background full of different landmarks that are very pleasing to the eye. This includes a makeshift Effiel Tire, a sign that says Golden State, and a pretty illuminating skyline in the distance. The colors are very warm and inviting, almost like the background is meant to depict a city during sunset. As for the machine, it is your standard 5-3 reel with a whopping 243 ways to win. One thing that gamblers will notice immediately about this game is the details of the different titles on the slot machine. These include objects like a gold bank bolt, a beguiling casino dealer, a pretty fancy-looking car, and even a mini jet. The game will have you feeling like a big deal before you even reach the jackpot and that's something very fun to experience.

The betting range isn't much to write home about

While Vegas XL slots look like the perfect game for big spenders, its betting range is a little disappointing. Gamblers can bet between 0.25 cents and $25, which doesn't exactly fit the vibe they are going for. It's understandable that a machine wouldn't want to just let players bet ridiculous sums of money, but it doesn't go with the theme at all. Every review you read of this slot machine game says they are going for an upper-class society kind of feel. How can you have that when the most you can bet is $25? Imagine getting enticed by this game's theme, only to find that you can't even bet above $25 The 243 pay lines are enough to keep people around, but it is kind of jarring for those hooked on the experience. For those wondering about the jackpot, Vegas XL Slots offers a nice lump sum of 2000x for your base bet. That means a gambler can select the max bet and come away with $50,000. On the other hand, a gambler can bet 0.25 cents and win up to $500. Not the greatest prize pool available, but it's something to work towards.

Vegas XL Slots have quite a few features

The jackpot is pretty good and worth playing for, but what about the extra features? What does Vegas XL do that make for a memorable experience? The first thing gamblers will notice is an oversized symbol feature, that expands across the board and offers some lucrative winnings. There is also a respin feature that can be triggered and even a jackpot mini-game! This mini-game has gamblers choose a symbol that corresponds to different jackpots. There is a Mini jackpot, a minor jackpot, and a major jackpot to possibly win. The addition of getting to select your own jackpot is actually pretty fun. It adds an extra level of excitement that you don't get everywhere . All and all, there are a plethora of special mini-games to enjoy with this game that helps make it worth the money

Final thoughts on Vegas XL Slots

Vegas XL Slots is a pretty fun time for the average gambler. The betting range is ok, the jackpot is worth playing and the mini-games are just plain exciting! Even if the theming doesn't do it for you, there's a certain charm to this game. Whether that is due to the beatific skyline or the 243 ways to win, this might be hard to put down. Always remember to bet responsibly and only wager what you can afford to lose.