Cobber Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

Cobber casino is about as bare bones as you can get when it comes to a gambling hub. Not only is that evident by their underwhelming welcome bonus, but also by the design of their website. It just doesn't look like a lot of time was put into this and there's nothing there to really wow the user. The homepage does have a signup screen that allows you to capitalize on a 300 hundred euro plus 150 bonus spins offer. all that is required is an email address, a password, the desired currency, and the country they are based. If you venture a little further down, you will see Despite the lackluster design, the site is said to be made in 2022 and offer a bitcoin exclusive welcome bonus. This can be claimed by clicking the second sign up button, which is featured slightly below the first one. The site runs on a curacao license and features a basic text design throughout the webpage. Not a great impression to start out with, but the games might change that a bit!

The game selection for Cobber Casino.

Cobber Casino offers a variety of different games from different developers, which is a good sign, This includes places like Micro gaming, Wazard, Evolution, B gaming, Boongo, and quickspin. While a lot of the heavy hitters aren't there for the casino, there could still be some hidden gems amount the selection. The casino has games such as 32 cards live, Agents of hearts, Book of dead, Cleos Gold Demon Academy, and Dr. Fortunute. The game also has different kinds of games, including slots and poker to choose from. Not a great selection by any means, but there are still some decent time-wasters to play around with. The site also supposedly has bitcoin betting, but they don't exactly make it clear what they mean by that.

No deposit bonus codes for Cobber casino

Given the bare-bones nature of the website and the lackluster gaming selection, does it really come as any surprise that this site doesn't offer any no-deposit bonus codes? Unfortunately, that is the cold hard truth and could keep some from venturing into the casino. With that being said, there are some bonuses for those that sign up. The first example is a 15 free spins bonus for anyone that signs up for an account. Of course, that's a piddly offer compared to other casinos, but it is something. There are also supplemental offers like a 100% bonus match up to 200 euros and a 10% cash back option. As always, make sure to read the deals before agreeing to any offer on a gambling website.

Final thoughts on Cobber Casino.

There just isn't a lot here to write home about. Casino guru's customer score for Cobber Casino is a whopping 1.9. The website gives it an 8.9 out of ten, which makes no sense given the bare-bones nature of the site. It just looks so poorly put together and doesn't seem to have the games that they claim to have. This is very much a play-at-your-own-risk casino and you should go into this pretty cautiously. Who knows what the inner workings of the site are, but most people probably won't give this a second look. If you do end up playing on this site, at least take advantage of the 15 free spins and get something out of it.