Stinky Socks Slots

Named after a stinky socks weaver's loom and the many hilarious shenanigans that transpire with them, Stinky Socks Slots has the added attribute of being a progressive with a random jackpot. Whether you choose to play the fun money option, or download the casino software in order to play for chance at real cash and prizes, you will be regaled by the wild symbols, extra bonus rounds sporting free spins, scatter symbols, and a 5000 coin jackpot in the regular game. The nine poker card jackets are the highest paying symbols in the game, and these include a ticket collector for the stinky socks weaver, the master weaver with his loom, the stinky socks weaver icon, the attractive female passenger and others. Whenever these land on the reels in the prescribed number (just see the pay table), then you're in luck: you've chanced upon a four digit payout in most cases. Of course, for the four digit payout you need five of a kind.

When it comes to the wagering line, this is where most gamers have a chance at walking away with a bucket full of cash and prizes. Of course, nothings guarantee this game of chance - but most can agree that it's a lot more fun to spend a little to potentially win a lot. Stinky Socks Slots allows a betting range starting at a penny and ending at five dollars per pay line. Although this just a single coin allowed per pay line, there are 25 pay lines in all. This 5 reel, 25 pay line video slot is slightly larger than the standard size, and thus provides plenty of ways to win. All 25 lines do not need to be active; you can very them to your hearts desire. We do feel compelled, however, to advise that playing every single line actually gives you the best chance to win. If you wish to limit your expenditures, just very the coin sizes instead of the pay lines.

Almost all of the symbols on the reels pay you in the left to right direction when they show up on the reels; the scatter symbol, however, can pay any which way. If you want a chance the maximum jackpot allowed, then it is imperative that you play all 25 pay lines every single game; if you pay any fewer, then although you can still win the regular jackpot in the game, you do not have a chance at the maximum prize. This keeps it fair for all of the other players who consistently play 25 lines.

Now on to the special symbols - beginning with the wild or the substitute symbol. This one is represented by the stinky socks weaver; it is through him that you have a chance at the games regular jackpot. If five of a kind of the stinky socks weaver or stinky socks weaver engineer dominate the reels, then your prize is an impressive 5000 gold coins. Additionally, the stinky socks weaver can substitute for any other symbol except for the scattered stinky socks symbol. Among its many powers, the scattered stinky socks icon can help you collect payouts if at least two of a kind appear on the reels - you don't even need a pay line to get them! If you're lucky enough to get three or more scattered stinky socks symbols, then the benefits of the so-called Cash stinky socks weaver Bonus feature to send on to you in the current game. Stinky Socks Slots is aptly named because of the gifts that the scatter can bestow.

In the following, we take a look at the much ballyhooed bonus features brought by the cash-filled stinky socks weaver. If you happen to receive at least three stinky socks symbols on the reels, then the Cash stinky socks weaver Bonus Feature is activated in the real money version of Stinky Socks Slots. The large vehicle comes careening through the upper row of icons and alters them into prize multipliers as it passes through. In fact, the top roof symbols are also changed into bonus amounts as well as free game opportunities. You can expect golden bonus coins, extra wild symbols, and free spins to continue manifesting themselves an additional five times as the Cash stinky socks weaver continues crashing through the paying symbols.

This feature is chock-full of goodies; you can also expect to win some extra cash for the duration of the special bonus round - these extra winnings are added to anything that you win on the pay lines as well. As we played this slot many times before writing this review, we can say with full confidence that it is one wild ride of a video pokey.

The theme of Stinky Socks Slots hails from the Golden age of the 1950s in American lore. With so many ways to win, you'll be happy to know that the free spins and substitute symbols are just the beginning on your way - hopefully - to the progressive jackpot for every 25 pay line play. In addition to the 5000 gold coins in the regular game as a jackpot, you can take home a bonus of $1000 if luck smiles on you.

Are you looking for a guide on how best to play to win? Well, let us tell you that this is a game of chance, and the only way to improve your chances is to download the casino software to play for real money, and play all the pay lines. There have been plenty of players that have played this game and fatten their pockets nicely, because they were willing to take a risk. Even if you don't have much to spin, you can put down a few pennies on the pay lines" much triple, quadruple, or even quintuple your winnings on one very special game. The stinky socks weaver definitely works to double your winnings with the othe r symbol combinations, and the scatter symbols act to deliver a bevy of free games if they appear in the correct quantities. The gold bonus feature also acts to double any of your impending rewards in Stinky Socks Slots.

What's left to talk about? Download Stinky Socks Slots to enjoy an exciting 5 reel, 25 payline video slot from Real Time Gaming. Whether for fun or for real money, you're all but guaranteed to have a great time.