Undying Passion Slots

The first thing that you'll notice about Undying Passion Slots, is the vibrantly graphical interface the theme is one of the undead, and despite the macabre template, it manages to convey a sense of excitement and anticipation. As is the modern way for such video slots, it is made for you to be able to play the fun money mode as well as the real money mode. To access the former, you simply need to hit the Instant Play button on the website. If, however, you wish to play for real cash and prizes then you have to download the casino software, create a new casino account and make a deposit.

With 5 reels and 9 pay lines, this bonus video slot is considerably smaller than the average 20 real game however, with coin denominations that range from a single penny to $10, you can bet an impressive $90 for every single spin. The game comes with a multitude of multipliers that allow you to corral up to 16 times your starting wager you bet the maximum amount. In fact, every single symbol on the reels possesses a multiplier option to prove your probability of winning, as well as the resulting prize to help you keep track of everything going on in the game, there's a Multiplier Meter at the top of the board; the payout range is from 2X to 16 - with X equal to your resulting payout. Although we will list the possible symbol values here, it is always to your benefit to check the games pay table to see the values in real time.

You will find that this game has several Substitute features that help improve your payouts, as well as non-replaceable scatter symbols that help to usher in spate the free spins. Play Undying Passion Slots leisurely using the Autoplay function that can be accessed at the bottom of the gameboard. Despite its small size of 9 reels, this Pokey pays in both the left to right direction and the right to left direction for all symbols. As for the function of the Winning Meter Multiplier, it rises for every non-winning spin. It keeps on increasing until you actually do win, and then the reward that reads on the meter is paid out before it resets to beginning.

Undying Passion Slots has two substitute symbols - the dagger and the red rose. As for the other high paying symbols, they include a red bottle, a skull with a scroll a red hourglass, a hardship ring, a Black Widow spider with the characteristic red dot, a redheaded woman, a blonde lady, a girl with blue hair, a dagger emblazoned with the tattoo a red rose and a couple of goons. Clearly, game is chock-full of passion what with all the red on screen. As usual, the substitute symbol is also known as the, and he can substitute for every other non-scatter symbol scatter symbol is the woman the blue hair and it can trigger the free spins round in on how many appear on the reels.

Quite possibly the most anticipated future in the game is the Free Spins Round. Once the girl with the blue hair appears at least three times simultaneously, your whisked away to a new screen where you can receive 10 free spins as well as a 2X multiplier. If you get four scatter symbols instead of three then in addition to the 10 free spins you win a 4X multiplier. If all 5 reels fill up with blue haired girl symbols then this activates a 6X multiplier along with an endowment of 10 free spins.

As for the symbol values, you'll be happy to know that they all payout a better than fair amount of cash for the lucky online casino gamer. The red-haired undead girl, for five of a kind, gets you a solid 250 coin payout. If you only managed to get for of a kind of the red-haired woman on the reels, you still get an 80 coin payout. For three of a kind you get 20 coins, and for two of a kind gets 2 coins. The next high paying symbol is a white-haired lady; for five of a kind on the reels you win 200 coins four of a kind of the white-haired lady you win 60 coins, for three of a kind the award is 15 coins, and for two of a kind you get 2 coins. In the next section we check out the middle value symbols in Undying Passion Slots.

Starting out with the middle-value symbols, we have a chalk-colored character sporting a red cap. For five of a kind on the reels, you get a payout of 150 coins. For four of the chalk-colored undead figure, the prize is 40 coins; for three of a kind he gets you 12 coins. Next up in this batch is a purple-clad undead vixen. For five of her/it on the reels, you win 150 coins. For four of a kind, the award is 40 coins and for three of her you receive 12 coins. We're rounding down to the final two middle-value icons: the scroll with skull and the vial of blood. The scroll with skull icon, for five of a kind, is worth a 100 coin payout; for four of them on the reels, you win a 25 coin payout, and for three of a kind, th prize is 10 coins. The vial of blood symbol, for five of a kind, is worth 100 coins. If instead you get four of them lined up in either direction, you win 25 coins. For three icons, the final eligible number for a payout is 8 coins.

The final set of low-paying symbols takes the place of what would otherwise be poker suits in other video slots. In Undying Passion Slots, the red colored circular ring symbol is worth 75 coins for five of a kind. For the red colored heart shaped ring icon, five of them gets you 50 coins. For four of a kind, your prize is 10 coins and for three of a kind of the red heart ring you receive 3 coins. The Black Widow spider symbol is the final one in the game - and boy, is it menacing. For five Black Widow spider symbols your prize is 50 coins. For four of a kind, you get instead 10 coins, and for three of them you win 3 coins. There are all manner of unique features in this pokey; download Undying Passion Slot today to discover them all.