Wealth Of Monkeys Slots

With 4 reels and 12 pay lines, Wealth of Monkeys Slots is a fast-moving pokey with our new nearest primate cousins as the central elements of the theme. It's got everything that you would want for a real money player - multipliers, free spins, animated bonus opportunities, substitute symbols that replace for winning combinations, scatter symbols and feature games. In fact, a tally of your potential to win is kept in the so-called Feature Meter that continues to rise as you play, and hopefully finally pays out when you hit the right combination of symbols.

As is the case with most of the games at this casino, you can play for free in the Instant Play mode. The game substitutes fun money for real cash and let you experience the full scope of exciting gameplay - sans the cash of course. Now if you're the type of person that likes to take financial risks, then you should download the casino software to play for chance a cash and prizes. You can wager is little is a single penny in increments up to $200 as your maximum bet. All of the pay lines can be made active, and casino veterans generally suggest that you should keep them active and instead very the coin amounts source to maximize your chances of winning.

In Wealth of Monkeys Slots, the Winning Free Spins Meter is of great interest. There's a mechanical dial that runs from 1 to 5; this dial climbs up a number every single time you spin and lose in a row. That is to say, if you spin twice in a row and don't win anything, then the Winning Free Spins Meter rises in value by one point. Ultimately, if you get to 10 total spins without winning anything, then the meter has reached the maximum 5 dial and it pays you out an extra 5 free spins. It resets and begins again.

The symbols on the reels of the definition of cute and come to a straight from the Orient. There are three complex Chinese characters as well as 4 baby monkey symbols. The pay table's is somewhat complicated, but the benefit is that you can keep it on screen to reference the symbol combinations that payout various values. Here's a hint: you want to get the blue baby monkey five times simultaneously on the reels in order to multiply your starting wager by a factor of 500. This is, of course, the highest paying symbol.

As for the visual comportment of A wealth of Monkeys Slots, you will be pleasantly surprised by the open animations of our jungle brethren. Verdant greens in vibrant reds feature strongly as a running theme throughout the entire gameboard. In fact, the background is replete with lush vegetation and cherry blossom flowers in the Meadowlands of the Farm East. There are multiple baby monkeys swinging on the branches as a part of the animation, and they engage in zany shenanigans Azure slot game progresses. All of this is buttressed by a very interesting score that plays in the background.

If you've played Asian themed Slots for any amount of time now, then you realize that there's a running theme of luck and good fortune throughout most of the pokies in this genre. With the awesome attribute of the Winning Free Spins meter, you literally win when you lose until you win again. This makes it easy to overlook the rather unconventional layout that lacks the usual pay lines that can throw most newcomers often little bit. Nonetheless, it's still a game of match to get the winning combinations. For example, the minimum number of symbols you can match to win something is three; if you want to win the highest possible prize for any particular combination, then you will need to match a minimum of five of the relevant symbols.

For example the maximum prize available for the curly haired monkey symbol is 400 coins if you get 12 of them. If instead you match 11 of the curly haired baby monkey symbol you win 200 coins, for 10 matches with the same symbol, the prizes 150 coins; for nine such matches you win 80 coins; for eight matches like this you can get 40 coins; for seven such matches the prizes 10 coins, for six you win five coins and if you only match five you get anything in this game - but remember, the Winning Free Spins Meter climbed up a notch closer to getting you those five free spins.

The next symbol in Wealth of Monkeys Slots is the orange baby monkey; if you can match 12 of them the prize is a 200 coin payouts; if you can match 11 coins baby monkey symbols you can get 100 coins; for 10 of these you win 50 coins; for nine coins baby monkeys you get 30 coins; for eight such symbols you win 20 coins; for seven of them you get 15 coins, for six you get four coins and for five you get two coins in this scenario. The next symbol is a baby monkey with a red carpet; for 12 of a kind of this symbol you gets a 100 coin payout; for 11 of him you get 80 coins; for 10 of a kind you get 40 coins; for nine of the red carpet carrying baby monkey symbols you win 20 coins, for anything you get 10 coins, for seven you win eight coins, for six you get three coins, and for five you get a single coin. Where rounding out the bunch soon - and it all starts with the gold scales symbol.

For 12 of the gold scales at the same time you get 80 coins; for 11 of them you win 60 coins; for 10 of a kind the prizes 30 coins; for nine of them you win 12 coins, for eight of them that would be eight coins, for seven of a kind that six coins, for six of them you win two coins, and for five of them you win one coin. The lemon basket symbol is next and 12 of them on the reels get you a 40 coin payout; 11 of a kind is worth 30 coins; for 10 of a kind you get 20 coins; nine of a kind is worth 10 coins, eight of the lemon colored basket symbols get you seven coins, seven of a kind get you five coins, six of a kind get you one coin and five of a kind get you the oddly numbered half of a coin. The seventh and final symbol in Wealth of Monkeys Slots is the circular gong; for two of a kind the prizes still a considerable 30 coins; for 11 of a kind you get 20 coins; for 10 of a kind you get 10 coins; from none of a kind that would be four coins, for eight of a kind two coins, for seven of a kind 1.5 coins, for six of a kind one whole coins, and for five of a kind have a coin payout is on the table. Casino slot maker Spinomenal has outdone itself with this video pokey - come check out for the real experience.