Wild Wild Spin Slots

Wild Wild Win Slots is a scintillating game that is brimming with excitement and action. This makes a lot of sense, given that the theme, itself, is reflective of the American Frontier, when outlaws and lawmen battled it out over territory and the people's hearts and minds. The Wild, Wild West was certainly a crazy time to be alive...and this slot players dream captures the atmosphere of the times quite well - except it replaces many of the men who were the heroes in that time, with women. Ah well - such is the so-called Progressive way! The background music is decidedly Western in tone and tenor, and it will keep you as engaged in the game as the spinning reels hold your attention in the hopes of a big win. Keep in mind that you can opt to play either the Instant Mode for free, or download the casino software and make a deposit for a shot at the cash and prizes inside.

With 5 reels and 25 paylines, this pokey is a bit on the large side - which works for the real money gamer, especially, since it affords you plenty of opportunities to win. For those who are interested, the coin denominations that you can wager start at $0.01 and go to $10. The maximum possible betting amount is $250 - and there are tones of potential rewards and bonuses that just might justify the expenditure. Although we'll get into the symbols later, you should know that Wanted Posters and Horseshoes are some of the more lucrative symbol combinations that result in double-digit payouts for the lucky player. As always, you can take a laid-back approach whether you play for real cash or fun - just hit the AutoPlay button and watch the reels spin till they win! Wild Wild Spin Slots is ready to take you on the ride of a lifetime in any mode you play.

Once inside, you will be regaled by the numerous payouts opportunities that stem from the winning combinations on the reels. There are many different values that we will investigate; beginning with the unlikely cowgirl with a holstered handgun - she is the games scatter symbol and cannot be replaced by the wild. If the gun toting cowgirl shows up at least three times on the reels, then you are transported to the free spins round where you can collect free games like Mexican candy from a burst piñata. Given that this game keeps the multiplier symbols coming fast and loose, you should not be surprised if there's a 7X multiplier that slides into your present game along with the free spins round. As for the Wild symbol, it is represented, appropriately, by the Sheriff's Badge. Although it does not produce any free spins are bonus rounds, the wild really helps to enhance the payouts from other winning combinations when it replaces a symbol or two.

Once you actually get to the bonus round in Wild Wild Spin Video Slots, a whole new world of opportunity opens up. As an exemplar of the so-called Interactive Slots series, it gives you a handful of chances to engage in the most tried-and-true form of dual in modern times: the six shooter duel. Test how quick you are on the drive in a digital cents against the harsh virtual outlaws looking to displace you as the leading lady in the town. A virtual gun will appear and you will be tasked with mowing down the white cowboy dollars that flit across the screen - the prize is moolah and various rewards for each when you hit. Take the opportunity to enhance your sharpshooter reputation by making every bullet count; if nothing else, these extra winnings only add to the payout you get for matching winning combinations on the reels.

Of course, there are not only high paying symbols in this game; there also exist both medium value and low value icons for your gaming pleasure in the real money option. In fact, one of the chief symbols is an Indian - as in the original American Indian - fighter from the Seminole tribe who, for five of a kind on the reels can return a value of 500 X your wager at the beginning of the game. Some of the other symbols include a guitar player, a skeleton, the highest paying horseshoe symbol, a couple of guns, a cactus tree, and an old-fashioned cowboy hat from the American frontier. The precise values of all of the icons on the pay lines have not yet been released online; but the minute you download the casino software and head over there to play, you can quickly and easily access the pay table while the game is running and before.

Come on in where the weather is alternately cool and warm and enjoy Wild Wild Spin Video Slots. The potential for high payouts abound - even the low to medium value icons can return hundreds of times your wager. You can play for fun money or for real cash and prizes by downloading the casino software. Get started today.