Strip To Win Slots

Strip to Win is an awesome, brand-new Slots game coming straight to you from the virtual online casino gaming platform. Made by the competitive software engineers Spinomenal, this game can be easily ported to both the Android and Apple iOS operating systems for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Of course, you can always play these slots on your desktop PC that runs on the Windows operating system. Although you don't have to download Strip to Win Slots, keep in mind that you will be able to win any money in the Flash version - real money is substituted for with digital fun money. Just had to the website to get started. You'll find that there are many benefits to downloading the casino software playing for cash and prizes. The Instant Play button should be located near the top of the landing page for reference.

If you've ever been to the City of Lights in Nevada, then you know that Las Vegas is synonymous with casino games throughout the entire world. In fact, it's one of the most popular places for people to meet their significant others and get hitched up in any of the CD hotels to be declared man and wife. If that's not what you looking for, then there are both male and female strippers that lined city blocks - in fact, this is what the video slot Strip to Win is all about. In the digital world where it's much safer, men and women were dancing strip as you spin the reels in the hopes of puffing up your bank account. Although there are some scantily clad women on the reels, this game is really for the ladies who like hunky men engaged in the carnal act of stripping off their clothes.

Strip to Win Slots definitely has a little bit of everything in order to entice online gamblers from all walks of life. As a woman, which kind of man do you prefer? You can begin with a selection of a handful of men: a bodybuilder, a strange sort of gentleman and a pair of wings, an old-fashioned cowboy, a sturdy policeman and a heroic fireman. The running theme here is clear - most women love a man who looks good in a uniform. Well, at least for the time being. Very soon after you start the game, these men will engage in various states of undress, in order to titillate your fancy. Obviously they don't go all the way, there's certainly enough to keep you entertained and satisfied.

Strip to Win Slots has 5 reels, 15 pay lines spread out over three roles. In the real money game, the opportunities for cash and prizes come fast and often, and there are special bonus features such as two-way pay, a high speed of play, and stacked wild symbols to help substitute for lower paying symbols and help the player complete a winning pay line.

The point of the game is to match a minimum of three symbols on any or all of the active pay lines (obviously, the more active pay lines you play, the more opportunities you have to win). Since Strip to Win Video Slots is in All Ways Pay, you have double the number of ways to win than in a regular game this means the symbol combinations can line up in either the left to right direction, or the right to left direction and still payout a handsome win for the online real money gamer. Wouldn't it be better to have the cash in hand than the run-of-the-mill male strippers on the stage? Although the short review will give you the values of the symbols, you can always check the in game pay table to keep abreast of any new developments.

The graphics are awesome, as they would obviously need to be in order to render an enticing vision of strippers. The digital markups would do their best to keep you entertained if you're a woman, and although the striptease is ancillary to the gameplay, it's still a nice touch to keep you engaged on your quest to win some real cash and prizes.

As for how the game proceeds, all you have to do is download the casino software and click the spin button in order to see all of the icons filling up the reels in a fantastic display of cinematic appeal. The male symbols have handcuffs on the wrists and American dollars picking out of the thongs. Another symbol entails a woman whose biting her lip while staring lustfully at the scantily clad male strippers. Every single symbol there is worth something as outlined in the pay table. In fact, there are two categories: the low combinations give you a modest amount of coins and an opportunity at other prizes, whereas the high combinations provide the largest jackpots in the game.

Strip to Win Slots is slated to keep you invested in the game. The substitute symbol replaces other symbols on the board to help you complete a winning combination for the pay line result that's listed in the pay table. Additionally, you can expect to win multipliers of between 2X and 10X. Of course, the powers of the substitute symbol are limited; the Wild cannot replace any of the scatter symbols, nor can they deliver bonus symbols as well as free spins. Clearly, then, Strip to Win Slots is more than just a delectable visual display.

As for the game scatter symbols, you can look at them as bonus keys that unlock many features to help bolster the number of prizes and cash you can win. Chief among these features are the free spins, as well as the entry to the bonus rounds. In particular, the scatter symbols can show up on the reels in any order, and as long as they show up in the correct numbers, you win the promised free spins.

In the free money version of the game, the lowest amount of money that you can wager is play 01 dollars and the maximum value wager is $10. It's always better to play games that have an adjustable number of lines; despite this, you want to play every single line consistently in order to improve your chances of winning. To conserve money, is very the coin denominations. With 5 reels and 15 pay lines, there's plenty here to keep you invested.

The tremendous graphics, exciting gameplay, and Auto Play feature are the primary reasons to give Strip to Win Slots spin. You can play this game very leisurely while sitting back with their hands clasped behind her head and the line the Bottlecap play feature to spin the reels well into the night. Be sure to look up periodically to acknowledge any wins you receive - there will be a ringing bell to mark the moment. You are a man, not let the stripping guys dissuade you from giving this slot spin; after all, anyone can win loads and loads of cash and prizes here! Both guys and girls are welcome; however, this is clearly a girls night out type of slot and we expect them to have the most fun. The pole dancers are ready and willing to dance the night away, and she spin the reels in the foreground. Download today and try it on for size - Strip to Win Slots is a certified video slot of the highest regard.