Bingo Vega No Deposit Bonus Codes

There are weekday bonuses, and there are bonuses that are valid Mondays through Thursdays. There are a couple of different bonus options, and they depend on your deposit. So if you add anything that is $49 or less, you'll receive a 200% bonus. If you deposit somewhere from $50 to $99, you'll receive a 300% bonus. If you deposit $100 or more, you'll receive a 500% bonus, and the maximum obtainable bonus comes when you deposit $200+ because you'll receive a 700% bonus. If you make multiple deposits in a single day, you'll be eligible for the multiplier. If you make a second deposit that day, 50% will be added to that bonus, and 100% will be added to your third deposit.

Weekend Bonuses

These bonuses are pretty similar to the weekday bonus. So it also depends on how much you deposit. If you deposit anything up to $49, you'll receive a 200% bonus. If you deposit $50-$99 you'll receive a 350% bonus, and if you deposit $100 or more you'll receive a 600% boost. lastly, if you deposit $200+ you'll receive an 800% bonus. The multiple bonuses apply here too. If you make multiple deposits in a single day, you can claim the multiplier bonus. When you make a second deposit of any value the same day, you'll receive a 100% bonus, and if you make the third deposit the same day, you'll receive a 200% bonus.


So this casino hosts cashback. As long as you play games between Monday and Thursday, and if you end up falling short and not pulling any big wins, you'll get your money credited back to you - at least, 10% of it up to $100.

Monthly Promotions

At Bingo Vega, you'll want to follow their floating astronaut mascot to their current promotions section. Here, they'll display all of the current offers this casino hosts. They have tons of tourney promotions. Many of these tourneys are seasonally themed. Sometimes they're based on specific days of the week, like weekend tourneys. They also have Mobilot missions. As these are all time-sensitive promotions, you must check their promo page to see what is running now.

Ruler Of The Galaxy

Every month there is a special "Ruler Of The Galaxy" player who receives special gifts. During regular bingo games, this "Rule Of The Galaxy" player is special because when they play bingo and win, all active players in the chat who shout "Long Live The Ruler!" win 2BB.

Sunday Tourney

Sunday is a great day to log in to Bingo Vega because they give away $1500 every night each week! This is for Sunday at 8:00 pm, and players who win a 4-pack pattern during non chat hours need to submit a support ticket to receive credit and be entered in the tourney. Still, they'll qualify for the Tourney as long as they play a minimum of 4 cards in the 4 pack tourney games.

Monday Tourney

Another regular Tourney is available every Monday between 9:00 pm and 9:30 pm. Every Monday depositor receives an extra $125 chucked straight into the prize pool, just deposit $50.00 or more on Monday until the Coverall Tournament Game begins. There are five winning spots available in this competition! Whoever claims first determines the prizes, so you'll need to be in the chat and playing cards to win. Get in there early and pick a number with the CM, and every $50 deposit receives an entry.